Medication Data Exchange
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Medications are an important component of understanding a patient's past and current health.  Discover how Redox enables the streamlined exchange of key medication data between EHRs and software vendors.

The medication data you need, when you need it. 

Accurate Medication Lists (on-demand)

Medication lists are reviewed and updated during each clinical visits. Redox ensures that you have a full view of the patient's medication usage, both current and historical.

Use case: Chronic Care Management

When caring for patients with chronic illnesses, like asthma, diabetes, or COPD, it's important to always be aware of the medications a patient is taking.  The patient's medication list provides insights into current and historical medication use.

Use Case: Clinical Alerts & Monitoring

Applications that provide decision support services, whether automated or through clinician review, often need a full picture of the patient's medications to provide accurate advice.

Real-time Prescription Notifications

Medication prescriptions are managed within EHRs using orders. A prescribing clinician can write new medication orders and modify or cancel existing ones. Use Redox to receive stay in the loop as changes are made to a patient's prescriptions.

Use Case: Fill Requests

Automated fill systems, pharmacies, and other third-party systems that handle medication dispensing need to receive notification of new orders and changes/ cancellations to existing ones.

Use Case: Patient Education

It can be overwhelming for a patient to understand the different medications they're being prescribed. Notifications of new or updated medications can be used to provide timely education about the medication course a patient has been prescribed.

Streamlined Medication Reconciliation

Use Redox to keep systems up-to-date for more efficient medication reconciliation processes.

Use case: Telemedicine

Providers will want to review current medications and document changes to the patient's medication list, such as new prescriptions or modifications, and cancellations to existing ones.

Use case: Check-In

Patients can participate in medication reconciliation by reviewing a medication list during the check-in process. Acquire and pre-populate records to streamline the process. 

Use case: Inpatient Care

During an inpatient stay, a patient will likely receive many medications. Reconcile the inpatient medication list with your application to make sure everything is in sync.

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Introduction Webinar

Learn more about how Redox supports medication exchange.

Originally broadcast August 12, 2018


Medications FAQs

Review frequently asked questions about sending and receiving medication data using Redox.

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