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The Carequality Framework

Your connection with Redox enables access to the Carequality framework, a set of standards used by more than half a million providers for the seamless exchange of healthcare data.

As a Carequality Implementer, Redox can be used for enhanced integration options including query volume reduction, organizational directory tools, and quicker product onboarding to the Carequality network of over 17,000 participating healthcare organizations.

Initiate queries to participants

Initiate queries to different healthcare data sources, such as EHR vendor APIs and Carequality, using a consistent format.

Respond to queries from participants

In order to be eligible to query for data over the Carequality network, you also must have the capability to respond to queries. As responding to queries is an uncommon workflow for many software vendors, Redox provides two options to make it easier to meet this requirement:

  1. Gateway (beta): Leverage the consistent format of the Redox API to receive and respond to queries. Protect yourself from high query volume and duplicative requests by using Redox as a gatekeeper to only receive queries applicable to your patient base.
  2. Responder (beta): Negate the need to complete development for XPCD and XCA requests and insulate yourself from exponential query volume by leveraging Redox as your responder.

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