To build or to buy an EMPI?

What to know when evaluating solutions for accurate patient identity management

Nick Orser
Director of Technical Sales Consulting

Garrett Rhodes

Garrett Rhodes
Product Strategist

Healthcare companies across the care continuum are challenged with unifying fragmented digital patient data from across their enterprise to make strategic patient-centered decisions and to power critical workflows. Unlocking the potential of enterprise data and enabling better care everywhere requires solving the problem that drives everything else—knowing who is who.

Yet, navigating the intricacies of identifying, matching, and maintaining individual patient identities across the healthcare journey is a challenge that continues to grow in complexity. As healthcare companies increasingly recognize the pivotal role of accurate patient identity management in their tech strategies, the decision between building or buying a solution can feel daunting.

In the webinar we delve into:

  • Redox and Verato’s journey in tackling the patient identity management puzzle
  • The value of having a solution purpose-built for healthcare
  • Crucial factors to consider when evaluating identity matching solutions
  • Unveiling the intricacies and costs associated with developing a Healthcare Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)
  • How to pinpoint the best path forward for your organization

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from our panel:

  • Nick Orser, Director of Technical Sales Consulting, Verato
  • Garrett Rhodes, Product Strategist, Redox