Empower your developers with one consistent and normalized FHIR API for healthcare integration.

The fastest way to integrate and scale

Scale your integrations quicker and reduce development costs

  • Code once, integrate anywhere with one normalized FHIR API
  • One API key for all connections, simplifying authentication
  • Searchable logs to quickly find, understand and troubleshoot problematic messages across all your connections

Robust Developer Experience

Spend less time integrating

  • Get access and setup authentication within minutes; starting development immediately
  • Test against the Redox API sandbox or connect to EHR API sandboxes to simulate live integrations with multiple health systems using a single FHIR API
  • Rapidly implement common healthcare integration workflows, such as getting patients’ medical histories or monitoring patient vital signs, using our extensive API workflow documentation and samples

FHIR® Integrations, Today

The Redox FHIR® API offers the most complete integration experience, bridging the gap between the ideal future and the current reality:

  • Standardization of HL7v2, CDA documents, custom EHR APIs, and EHR FHIR profiles with one API
  • Straight forward application launch within EHRs through simplified SMART on FHIR Single-Sign-On
  • Flexibility for interacting with healthcare data: Query, Listen to, or Write as needed 

FHIR® is a registered trademark of Health Level Seven International (HL7) and are used with the permission of HL7. Use of this trademark does not constitute an endorsement of products/services by HL7®.