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Accelerate healthcare data integration with Redox + AWS

Accelerate clinical data onboarding to AWS with Redox Nova

AWS for healthcare can unlock the power to transform patient experiences, but you’ve got to get the clinical data there first

AWS for healthcare can unlock the power to transform patient experiences, but before you can start innovating, you will need the foundation of a FHIR® server to house the clinical data that will power your use cases.

Data migration to AWS connectors like Healthlake and S3 requires mapping, normalizing, and converting legacy healthcare data  into FHIR. Without the right expertise, it can be complex and lengthy, or result in a one-off strategy that requires re-work for each new use case.

Redox Nova™ accelerates this process to just weeks. With the right data in an AWS FHIR server, you can use AWS-native AI, ML, and analytics services to optimize operations, streamline quality reporting, predict health and disease, improve population health, and much more.

How do you use Nova for AWS?

Utilize Nova for AWS to build a FHIR store and accelerate your digital transformation. Reduce the complexity of the migration of clinical data to Amazon S3, Healthlake or other data connectors to streamline your patient workflows, store clinical or admin data, unlock AWS-native analytics, and more.

How Redox helps health data integration into AWS

How clinical data drives innovation in AWS

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  1. How payers and providers use AWS to power their digital transformation.
  2. The use cases they are enabling with real-time clinical data interoperability
  3. The challenges they face when translating and normalizing data from legacy standards (e.g., HL7®v2, C-CDA, X12, etc.) to FHIR®

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Overcome the hurdles of getting clinical data into AWS

Product teams compose differentiated customer experiences with Redox Nexus

Connect to healthcare’s on-premises past, hybrid present, and cloud future

Healthcare is finally being pulled into the cloud, but make no mistake, legacy systems are not going away anytime soon. Integrating health data is challenging. Success requires composable tools that handle EHR and healthcare complexities.

Built on the secure and reliable AWS backbone, Redox Nexus provides a standardized API that removes the complexity of electronic health record (EHR) integration on both legacy and modern standards.

Why health apps have to capture and deliver health data to survive

Realize the potential of your product. Discover how digital solutions can improve affordability and effectiveness, and how secure data exchange is essential under the 21st Century Cures Act. Learn key factors driving change and achieve data liquidity for thriving products.

Get the history and know the future data strategy for your product.

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