Overcome the hurdles of getting clinical data into AWS

Skip the complexity of AWS implementation

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers provider organizations more than just inexpensive solutions for data storage – it can unleash desperately needed innovation to help you keep pace in a rapidly evolving landscape. To unlock the full value, you have to get data from your electronic health record (EHR) and other legacy systems freely flowing in (and out) of AWS. 

The process of mapping, normalizing, and converting data into a format ingestible by AWS is complex, lengthy, and leads many organizations to project delays and cost overruns. But, it doesn’t have to.
Get the guide to learn how Redox for Cloud helps overcome the three main hurdles of getting your EHR data into AWS:

  1. Handling data backloads and dealing with data in transit
  2. Translating and normalizing data from legacy standards (e.g., HL7®v2, C-CDA, X12, etc.) to FHIR®
  3. Delivering data from AWS back to the point of care
Unlock the full value of the cloud