Unify operations across EHRs

M&A can create a tangled mess of disparate EHRs. Redox accelerates integration so you can get to ROI faster.

Accelerate M&A revenue optimization, without the disruption

Failed IT integration can be the demise of M&A, leading to high costs and delays in reaching revenue optimization goals. Full EHR consolidation is not the only solution. Enabling digital health integration across EHRs can help mitigate risk and minimize change for clinicians, IT, finance, and operations teams.  Redox connects critical digital health applications across EHRs to accelerate the realization of operational synergies from acquired practices.

Read how Redox is helping US Heart & Vascular realize M&A revenue optimization

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How it works

Redox fully connects disparate EHRs to vendor digital health technologies to enable centralized financials. operations, analytics, and more. Providers continue to use their legacy EHR as they always have, while Redox transmits pertinent data to central applications. The example below depicts how Redox transmits data from EHRs to a central revenue cycle management application (RCM), enabling unified billing operations across EHRs. Check out the growing list of Redox-supported EHRs here.

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Navigating rapid cardiology practice acquisition

Cheryl Rodenfels is CIO of US Heart & Vascular, a M&A healthcare business focused on cardiovascular physician practices. Cheryl shares her expertise on how mergers and acquisitions can modernize care and improve industry efficiency.

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The Redox Podcast #50 - Navigating Rapid Cardiology Practice Acquisition with US Heart and Vascular’s Cheryl Rodenfels


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