Use FHIR without waiting on legacy system upgrades

A practical path for provider and payer IT innovation

Translate healthcare data from legacy standards to FHIR for data sharing with the cloud

If you are building healthcare software you need the FHIR format to take advantage of cloud-native architectures, analytics, AI and ML tools. But the legacy standards like HL7v2®, HL7 CDA®, X12, and DICOM® are holding you back.

Mapping legacy standards in FHIR at scale allows you to use the old standards and take advantage of the newest technologies driving innovation.

This guidebook will teach you:

  • The benefits and challenges of FHIR adoption
  • How to map to legacy standards in order to stay competitive
  • Real-life examples of where mapping has accelerated progress for Redox customers
Learn how you can start using FHIR and unlock new possibilities