Revamp legacy infrastructure for a digital world

Redox is a full-service integration platform designed to put you firmly in control of your EHR data.

Agility in New Technology Adoption

Get a reusable application layer and APIs out-of-the-box to power digital transformation initiatives. Hundreds of apps are already connected to the network, making adoption near turnkey.

Built to Scale

We'll transform your single connection to Redox into a suite of APIs to power applications across the care continuum. You get a dashboard view into subscription traffic to understand the landscape at a glance.

Full-service solution

Interfaces from the EHR power reusable APIs, dramatically reducing effort required by IT. We partner with IT teams to maintain a single connection to our platform. We are the first line for support and 24/7 issue resolution with third-party vendors.

Under the Hood

State-of-the-art Engine

Everything is standardized to a modern JSON API spec, making for tremendous efficiency gains when connecting with applications already on the network. Complete with unrivaled routing and filtering logic.

Configuration Library

Off-the-shelf connectors to dozens of EHRs, data models, and workflows, making for rapid interface implementation across FHIR, HL7, CCD, X12, etc.

Enforced Application Security

Redox is a single, strong, secure connection enabling communication across your cloud-based vendors. We enforce modern communication security standards while reducing exposure to your data center.


250+ Top Healthcare Organizations use Redox to Power Digital Transformation


Redox will allow us to efficiently and securely share information and data that are essential to supporting the adoption of novel technologies that have the potential to ultimately improve the care of our patients.
Chief Information Officer


Thank you for being in the 1% of VPN’s that I’ve set up that was easy and worked the first time! There have been countless VPN turn ups that take forever because of misconfiguration or miscommunication. I had none of that with you configuring it on your end and it is very much appreciated! I wish they all went like this!
Network Security Engineer

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Redox is quickly becoming a standard in application interoperability. Their platform has evolved into the largest network of enterprise healthcare applications with the ability to scale innovations across large health systems like ours.
Chief Health Information Officer

Don't let integration get in the way of caring for patients.

With Redox, software should be an asset that allows your team to focus on what matters most: your patients, your providers, and their success. We'll make sure technology works for you, not against you.