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Ambience Healthcare selects Redox to integrate their AI Operating System – reducing clinician documentation time by 80%

“Ambience Healthcare engineers can do more with Redox as our partner. We focus on the product itself — making the clinician workflows, the artificial intelligence, and the language models best in class can be our primary focus while Redox handles the complexity of EHR integration.”

Brendan Fortuner
Head of Engineering, Ambience Healthcare

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Ambience Healthcare is a pioneering healthcare technology company with a mission to supercharge clinicians with breakthrough generative AI technology. Ambience products are built by an internal team with rich healthcare experience, which is further enhanced by a deep partnership with OpenAI. The Ambience AI Operating System offers a suite of products for scribing, coding, and billing. Their flagship product, an AI medical scribe called AutoScribe, is revolutionizing clinician documentation workflows and reducing clinician burnout through ambient scribing technology. 

Even without integration, AI-driven AutoScribe can save clinicians up to 50% of the time spent on documentation. When fully integrated into Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows, AutoScribe can reduce clinician time spent on documentation by up to 80%. While potential benefits are significant, EHR integration can be a daunting task that takes months. But not for Ambience customers. AutoScribe has been integrated with multiple health system EHRs in as little as two to six weeks.

This case study highlights how a Redox partnership has propelled Ambience products to new heights by boosting adoption to breakneck speeds.

The challenge

As a small and agile company, Ambience was looking for a partner with deep expertise in healthcare interoperability standards such as HL7® v2 and HL7® FHIR® and the intricacies of data integration in an ever-rising sea of EHR products. While they considered building integrations in-house, they did not want to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they looked for a vendor that would allow them to focus on perfecting their products, rather than grappling with unique integration challenges with each new customer. After evaluating multiple vendors, Ambience found Redox to be the clear choice.

“Redox was head and shoulders above, in presentation, quality of the documentation, the intelligence and competency of the team. It was just so clear that they were way ahead—first in class for this line of products.”

Brendan Fortuner, Head of Engineering at Ambience Healthcare

Results to date

Post-sale, Redox proved to be as simple and accessible as promised, removing significant burden from the Ambience engineering team. The time they saved was spent perfecting clinician workflows, artificial intelligence functionality, and language models.

Redox’s data models were instrumental in the design of the Ambience integration strategy, enabling seamless data exchange between Ambience products and nearly any EHR their current and future customers use.

“The Redox data models are by far the best in the integration engine world. I think they’re the clearest to understand. Even if you have zero architecture experience, you can figure it out.”

Kylen Bailey, Senior Solutions Architect, Ambience

Working closely with Redox, Ambience embarked on its first ambitious integration project with John Muir Health, the first-ever bi-directional ambient scribing integration with Epic workflows.

Furthermore, the way that the integration was accomplished, with ambient scribing notes being written directly into the EHR progress notes, garnered praise from clinicians and paved the way for quick, exponential user adoption. The time between clinician onboarding and full adoption of Ambience was less than a single shift. Almost immediately, clinicians experienced a significant reduction in administrative burden, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less time working after hours to get caught up. Shortly after launch, clinicians reported saving an average of one to two hours per day on documentation.

“I left the clinic five minutes after my last patient with all of my notes done! This is a game changer.”

Colorectal Surgeon at John Muir

Future plans

Looking ahead, Ambience Healthcare plans to further expand its integrated offerings across a growing portfolio of Ambience Operating System products. With Redox as a trusted partner, Ambience will continue revolutionizing clinical workflows, empowering clinicians, billers, coders, and more to improve patient outcomes through the power of AI.

“HL7 isn’t going away, and there’s no better solution than Redox for integration. We have the data model set up and there’s no reason for us to not use Redox given how easy it is.”

Brendan Fortuner, Head of Engineering at Ambience

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