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Modernizing diabetes management

How Glooko’s diabetes data platform improves patient care

“Redox has provided us with the ability to integrate the Glooko platform into our Health System customer’s EHR in an efficient and timely manner, allowing for improved provider workflow and more effective treatment decisions at the point of care for patients with diabetes.”

Jack Dainton
Enterprise Sales Executive, Glooko

Who is Glooko?

Glooko is an FDA-cleared diabetes-management solution that takes a holistic approach to helping people manage their condition. Their award-winning platform includes a mobile self-management application for improved self-management in-between visits, a population health application that enables care teams to remotely manage populations of people with diabetes, and an office upload solution that optimizes patient visits and improves overall care.

Visited by nearly one million patients, Oregon’s only public academic health center is a prominent hub for medical research, comprehensive family care, and outstanding community service. As a national leader in innovative practices, this Health System wanted to modernize its approach to diabetes management to further elevate their exceptional patient care. After evaluating potential partners and solutions, they selected Glooko to be their diabetes management platform.

How Glooko helps care teams

Glooko aggregates all aspects of diabetes management into a single platform. Built to be compatible with existing diabetes devices like blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and exercise devices so that patients don’t have to abandon the meters they are accustomed to using, Glooko makes data capture and analytics both simple and easy.

Beyond aggregating all relevant health data, Glooko helps patients log medication, food intake, and daily exercise, all of which have the power to directly impact their condition.

Glooko allows care teams to view this collected information in real time. Being able to access this data gives care teams an expanded view of a patient’s health, enabling them to determine and optimize treatment plans by targeting the areas where patients have the most room for improvement.

By increasing patient engagement and implementing new management strategies, not only are acute incidents avoided, but the cost of healthcare is driven down as patients receive more personalized and effective care.

Integration powered by Redox

A key value of Glooko is its ability to directly integrate with whatever EHR system is used at health systems. Without integration, patients would need to either manually record their own health data and bring it to their appointments, or call their doctor’s office to dictate their information over the phone. With Glooko, the patient’s diabetes data is entered automatically pushed to their health record in real time, enabling care providers to access up-to-date information on the health and progress of their patients.

Once Glooko partnered with the academic Health System in Oregon, integrating with their Epic EHR became top priority. Instead of spending months building out a custom interface for this project, Glooko chose to integrate using Redox, the leading integration-as-a-service provider.

Together, the Health System, Glooko, and Redox evaluated each party’s technical capabilities to determine how to best leverage existing infrastructure to exchange data. Bypassing the need to configure each side’s technical specifications to be compatible, Redox enabled each party to build once to the Redox API and use a simple and consistent JSON framework to push and pull clinical data to and from the Health System’s EHR.

Beyond being able to push patient diabetes data directly to the EHR, the benefit of integration for the Health System is that it allows for a new tool to be introduced with minimal workflow disruption for clinicians. Integrating Glooko data into the EHR allowed for patient diabetes data to live within the EHR and be presented to clinicians in the way they are used to and expect, allowing them to realize the full benefit of the platform faster.

Adopting a simplified integration strategy enabled the Health System and Glooko to exchange data in a consistent way that required minimal configuration, and integrating with a trusted partner like Redox cut the integration project timeline from months to weeks. This efficiency allowed the Health System’s IT team to move on to other projects faster and enabled Glooko developers to focus on their product.

Results and future care

This partnership has improved diabetes management at the Health System by increasing patient engagement and allowing care providers to better assess patient health. With all tracking and documentation aggregated into one platform, data entry is easy and intuitive for users, and the Health System can capitalize on the expanded insights the platform provides.

With a fully-integrated platform that exchanges data between patient and provider in real time, the Health System now offers their patients a modernized approach to diabetes management.

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