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Fanning the flames

Accelerate FHIR adoption with legacy standard mapping

Fanning the Flames Webinar

The message has become clear. Adopt HL7® FHIR® or be left behind.

FHIR has emerged as the obvious mechanism to move healthcare interoperability and technology forward. It may eventually replace standards like HL7v2®, HL7 CDA®, and maybe even X12 (fingers crossed). It may even make other standards like DICOM® more accessible. But we are talking about healthcare here… getting to a final FHIR destination may take years (decades?).

The result? Developers can do more with FHIR today, but they will need to uproot legacy systems and integration workflows or be well-versed in nearly all legacy standards to do so. We’d like to remove some friction on that path.

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  • How we got here: A brief history of legacy healthcare standards (HL7v2, HL7 CDA, X12, and DICOM)
  • Where are we going next: Why FHIR is quickly becoming the universal standard in healthcare
  • How to get there (faster): Why map legacy standards to FHIR


  • Nick McKenzie, Group Product Manager, Redox
  • Garrett Rhodes, Emerging Markets Product Manager, Redox
  • Elizabeth Ojo, Product Marketing Manager, Redox


  • Jessica Bonham-Werling, Payer and Provider Solutions Marketing, Redox

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