Build a future-proof AI strategy that doesn’t break the bank

Recent surveys revealed that 95% of health system executives believe cloud capabilities like AI and machine learning are critical to their goals — but only 6% have an established AI strategy. Our guide will give you the confidence to tackle your laundry list of AI use cases, all while moving faster and more cost-effectively than the competition.

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What’s inside:

Our guide highlights five best practices for health system executives to build a scalable AI strategy while keeping cost efficiencies top-of-mind. You’ll learn:

  • why clinical data is the foundation of a successful AI strategy in healthcare;
  • how to get clinical data into the cloud for accelerated AI implementation;
  • how to define an AI strategy for long-term growth (so you don’t keep getting stuck in expensive on-off projects); and
  • why an HL7® FHIR® data store is the most flexible, cost-effective strategy for executing AI use cases at scale now, and in the future.