Healthcare integration jobs to be done

The six must-dos to integrate at scale

Brian Matsuura, AWS Channel Lead, Redox

Brian Matsuura
AWS Channel Lead

CaroLynn Brinckerhoff
Director of Cloud Delivery

Do you know what it really takes to integrate at scale?

The economic climate may feel a little doom and gloom for health tech product owners and builders, but here is some news. Most healthcare organizations plan to increase spending on 3rd party technologies in the coming years. There is a catch though, their tolerance for risk is low and their appetite for accelerated ROI is higher than ever. This means most won’t even consider products that have not proven they can integrate.

Scaling your product in today’s market means you must be prepared to integrate with customers using many different EHRs or other legacy systems. The wrong strategy will leave your engineering team overwhelmed with little time to do anything other than manage integrations and wrangle data.

During this webinar, we will set you on the right path to integrate at scale through the six essential jobs to be done:

  1. Design an integration workflow that collects and sends data to/from your product and your customers’ source systems.
  2. Securely store incoming data and make it available for use.
  3. Initiate the exchange of data between systems.
  4. Process incoming data into one consumable format.
  5. Meet or exceed compliance and security requirements.
  6. Maintain integrations by responding to issues and addressing source system maintenance.