Crossing the expectation gap

2022 HIMSS market insights to guide remote patient monitoring (RPM) and care coordination solution vendors

Chart showing what tech vendors can do to accelerate RPM and care coordination solution implementations

Beat your competitors to the punch. Know your buyer’s expectations on day one.

This exclusive HIMSS report gives virtual tech vendors an inside look at health systems’ expectations for RPM and care coordination solutions. It also pinpoints key areas where tech vendors’ attitudes and priorities don’t match up with those of their buyers.

This research will help you:

  • Understand health systems’ wants and needs for implementation and integration
  • Avoid prioritizing the wrong things and glossing over must-haves
  • Boost competitive clout from day one
Image of HIMSS Crossing the Expectation Gap Report

Results preview

Chart showing what organizations think their biggest barriers are while implementing solutions integrations

“Rather significantly, HCOs ranked more experience with EHR vendors as the third [implementation] accelerator vendors could provide (57%), while this experience ranked ninth (14%) on the vendor list.”

– Crossing the Expectation Gap, HIMSS and Redox, 2022

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Image of HIMSS Crossing the Expectation Gap Report