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RPM research firm increases its integrated customers by 200% in one year with Redox

How the Redox partnership significantly reduced the implementation time leading to increased efficiency

“Cardiologists who weren’t our customers were using multiple tools to monitor their remote patients and to track what was billable. Now, with our platform’s technology and integrations powered by Redox, we can bring all that data together in one place, exchanging data with the EHR in real time.”

Clinical tech ops lead, Cardiac RPM tech vendor

The challenge

A cardiac remote patient monitoring (RPM) tech vendor in the Northeast was used to handling a lot of data. But faced with an aggressive growth plan, the company expected that volume­ and the number of data sources-to escalate.

The RPM tech vendor needed a simple, extensible approach to data integration. And they needed it fast.

They were looking for an integration solution that would reliably collect RPM data from thousands of implantable and wearable devices (from various manufacturers), along with data from hundreds of health system EHRs (scattered across the country), and aggregate it all on an in-house platform.

In the past, the RPM tech vendor had been pretty limited by the manufacturing partners they worked with, and the connections they already had.

But this approach wouldn’t work anymore. To rapidly grow their cardiac data network, they needed a vendor-agnostic way to expand and accelerate their EHR integrations. That’s when they began their search for an integration partner.

The solution

During its vendor evaluations, the company considered Lifepoint Informatics, the EHR integrator already being used by another division of its organization. However, Lifepoint fell short on the “full service” spectrum, so they decided to sign with Redox.

During implementation, Redox helped the RPM tech vendor bypass the pains of traditional integration. Typically, integrations require building an individual connection for each unique EHR instance. However, by using Redox, the RPM tech vendor was able to connect once to the Redox health data management platform. From there, Redox took over the technical effort of specific EHR integrations.

By consolidating legacy integrations across various locations into one single connection, Redox equipped the RPM tech vendor to standardize their own platform as well as their integrations, so they could deliver the best possible implementation for customers.

API actions used

Redox-powered integrations helped users of the vendor’s RPM cardiac platform:

The results

Using Redox, the RPM tech vendor significantly reduced its implementation time – an efficiency that equipped the company to increase the number of integrated customers by 200% in one year.

Currently, Redox powers 24 live connections for the company, integrating with EHRs in cardiology practices across the country.

“I really like the Redox user interface (UI). It’s easy to test and troubleshoot data exchanges, which expedites testing calls with our customers.”
Clinical tech ops lead, Cardiac RPM tech vendor

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