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Take the confusion out of infusion

How WeInfuse saves infusion centers tens of thousands of dollars each year.

“Integrating WeInfuse and EHR systems will open many doors for infusion centers. We look forward to providing our clients with more solutions utilizing our software to help solve the complexities of the infusion center workflow.”

Bryan Johnson
Co-founder, WeInfuse

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Project snapshot

$30 billion industry

Infusion Centers represent a $30 billion industry serving an autoimmune patient population of more than 50 million.

150,000 infusion treatments

WeInfuse software has been adopted by over 250 infusion centers nationwide, and WeInfuse clients have administered over 150,000 infusion treatments utilizing the software. WeInfuse plans to bring 400 centers online by 2020.

Automated insurance eligibility

10 hours reduced per site, per week. $3,600 Estimated Monthly Savings – $43,200 Estimated Annual Savings.

Charting efficiency gains

2 hours reduced per nurse, per day. $2,800 Estimated Monthly Savings — $33,600 Estimated Annual Savings.

WeInfuse success story

Thousands of infusion centers treat hundreds of thousands of patients each year with life-saving medications. Running an infusion center is highly complex and expensive. It requires coordinating the nurses needed to administer these treatments, managing schedules for patients whose lives depend on the medications, and staying on top of inventory management.

Most of these centers are still using paper to document treatments and manage their inventories. Many are run by administrative staff who do not have clinical backgrounds but are responsible for millions of dollars worth of medications. Simple errors in data entry, insurance preapprovals, or inventory management can have devastating effects on the center. 

WeInfuse was created by veteran infusion center operators who understand every aspect of where infusion centers could lose money and where there are efficiencies to be gained. WeInfuse streamlines the infusion treatment workflow from beginning to end by integrating with provider EHRs. As a result, they save treatment centers hundreds of thousands of dollars, reduce clinician burnout, and improve patient satisfaction.

Through their partnership with Redox, WeInfuse has been able to bring more than 250 infusion centers online and anticipates adding another 200 centers in 2020.

Case study

WeInfuse is an infusion center software that streamlines every aspect of the infusion treatment workflow—it manages medication inventory, reduces financial risk and clinical burnout, and ultimately improves patient care. 

The problem: Managing and providing life-saving infusion treatments is costly and complex

Each year, 50 million patients suffering from chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders receive IV infusion and injectable treatments at infusion centers across the country. A $30 billion dollar industry, infusion centers are highly complex and expensive to manage. Nurses are required to administer treatments at infusion centers, which can take anywhere from 1 to 12 hours for a single patient. The medications can cost several thousand dollars per dose—even as much as $100,000 per treatment. In many cases, one person at an office is responsible for managing at least $15 million in medications each year. 

Because EHRs are not equipped to handle the complexity of running an infusion center, most centers resort to manual data entry for ordering medications, scheduling appointments, and documenting treatments. Expensive inventory risks leave no margin of error and the clinician burnout rate is high. Any missed steps or mistakes, such as not verifying insurance eligibility before a patient receives treatment, could cost the infusion center tens of thousands of dollars. 

How WeInfuse helps

WeInfuse is helping providers focus on care rather than paperwork and inventory. Founded by infusion center operators, WeInfuse is a web-based software platform purpose-built for physician in-office infusion suites and stand-alone infusion centers. The software helps manage everything from verifying insurance eligibility to scheduling, inventory management, treatment documentation, reporting and analytics, and automated patient reminders.

“Integrating WeInfuse and EHR systems will open many doors for infusion centers,” says Bryan Johnson, co-founder of WeInfuse. “We look forward to providing our clients with more solutions utilizing our software to help solve the complexities of the infusion center workflow.”

EHR integration reduces payroll hours and financial risk

By integrating with EHRs, WeInfuse saves each infusion center thousands of dollars every year:

“Our clients see a significant ROI with our software. In the first 1-3 months, WeInfuse pays for itself for the whole year,” says Reece Norris, WeInfuse COO and Co-Founder. 

WeInfuse helps clients achieve thousands of dollars in annual savings per site by integrating strategic data with their EHR:

“The more we can eliminate double data entry the better,” Norris says. “That way, we eliminate costly problems to the provider.”

Ease of integration leads to rapid market expansion

Since their inception in 2016, WeInfuse knew that integration would be critical to their ability to serve providers and that outsourcing integrations was the most strategic decision. Because Redox took a similar “white glove” approach to customer service , and had an affordable solution, WeInfuse selected Redox as their integration partner.

“With a variety of EHRs available to physician practices with infusion centers, we knew we needed an integration partner to carry out our commitment to interoperability and integration‐friendliness,” Johnson says. 

With a staff that has grown from 3 to 18, including 4 full-time developers, WeInfuse wanted to focus development on the software and have a partner do the heavy lifting when it came to integrations. WeInfuse leverages Redox’s experience integrating with multiple platforms, which has been key to their rapid expansion into the infusion center market. 

Redox reduces barriers to integration

“Because Redox enables integration with so many EHRs, we’re able to tell potential clients, ‘yes we do integrate with your system, we have a solution for you,’” Norris explains.  

WeInfuse software has already been adopted by over 250 infusion centers nationwide, and WeInfuse clients have administered over 150,000 infusion treatments. 

“Every time we’re faced with an integration there’s an additional lift. We lean on Redox to help us do that. With a partner like Redox, we’re able to focus our resources on building the best infusion center workflow application,” Norris says. “Redox has freed our development team to work on the software and not require a developer to focus only on integrations. While Redox continues to build out our integrations, we’ve built and implemented countless new features that our clients really appreciate, including medication vial scanning and appointment reminders.”

By the end of 2020, WeInfuse anticipates bringing over 400 locations online and adding even more features to enhance efficiency to ultimately improve patient outcomes. Their vision goes beyond helping infusion centers that handle immune disorders—they aspire to improve efficiency and results for centers that manage infectious diseases as well. 

“WeInfuse is committed to interoperability and ensuring our software remains integration-friendly. We’re grateful to be partnered with Redox – the engine behind our integrations,” Johnson says.

WeInfuse believes that the more that providers can focus on care instead of paperwork or inventory, the better their patient outcomes will be. 

“Our vision is to be THE infusion solution for healthcare providers serving the autoimmune disease patient population numbering 50 million, and to transform this $30 billion healthcare niche with technology. Our ability to integrate with our clients’ EHRs will allow our clients to operate efficiently and improve patient outcomes. Redox will play a key role in helping us achieve this vision.”

Bryan Johnson, Co-founder, WeInfuse

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