Out of the box

Crush data silos. Shape data-driven solutions with Amorphic.

Brian Matsuura, AWS Channel Lead, Redox

Brian Matsuura
AWS Channel Lead, Redox

Brian Warwick, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Brian Warwick
Principal Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Maninder Chhabra, CEO, Cloudwick

Maninder Chhabra
CEO, Cloudwick

Guy Cunningham, VP, Channel Sales and Alliances, ClearDATA

Guy Cunningham
VP, Channel Sales and Alliances, ClearDATA

You already have what it takes to make better decisions, power patient-centered experiences, and improve outcomes — your data.

A data-driven strategy that uses high-powered analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can give you a competitive edge, help you attract new patients, and drive operational efficiencies. So, what is holding you back?

If your answer is data interoperability, compliance, security, and/or privacy, this webinar is for you. Redox, AWS, Cloudwick, and ClearDATA are pleased to share a new joint solution – Amorphic. Amorphic frees healthcare data from complexity so healthcare leaders can use it to shape new data-driven strategies.

Watch to learn how:

  • Data-driven approaches can transform operations and revolutionize experiences
  • To overcome the complexity of getting your data out of legacy systems and into a production-ready data platform, securely and compliantly.
  • To use your data platform to build longitudinal patient health records, aid clinical decision support, perform precision medicine, streamline radiology workflows, and more.


Watch to learn how Amorphic can help you get ahead of the competition