Radical interoperability

A playbook for compliance, member visibility, and quality improvement

A special presentation for payer solutions teams

Interoperability mandates bring new challenges to a landscape that already demands optimized member care journeys, quality improvement, and reduced costs. 

Payers that embrace compliance to move their big data and digital transformation strategies forward will be positioned for future success. Redox for payers is an extension of the interoperability platform designed to power compliance with CMS Prior Authorization and Payer to Payer mandates today, with the flexibility and scalability to lead in healthcare’s tomorrow. Join us to learn:

  • How CMS Interoperability mandates impact payers
  • How payers might comply with Payer to Payer and Prior Authorization Mandates
  • How investments in compliance today can help payers compete tomorrow.


  • Jessica Bonham-Werling, Payer Solutions
  • Garrett Rhodes, Payer Product Manager

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