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70 Companies Driving the Future of Healthcare Technology

Redox exists because healthcare needs technology. We need it to help clinicians work more efficiently and health systems improve their services, but most importantly, we need technology in order to give patients the best possible care.

The lack of technology in healthcare is not for lack of the technology itself—there are literally thousands of companies who have developed brilliant ways to improve clinician workflows and patient care. The problem is that healthcare uses legacy systems which aren’t compatible with today’s technology, and overhauling an entire industry to be more technologically advanced isn’t as easy as it sounds ( …and it doesn’t even sound easy in the first place).

The truth is that we’re in the middle of a healthcare technology revolution, and while that sounds grandiose, all it means is that we’re figuring out how to implement more advanced ways of taking care of people in an industry that isn’t designed to accept new tools easily.

It’s going to take some time to realize the full potential of healthcare technology. Download our whitepaper on the Bottleneck Problem to learn why healthcare adoption rates are different than other industries. Until then, it’s up to the healthcare community to push for change and increase awareness of the incredible solutions out there. After all, the more we know about what tools could be at our disposal, the more we can advocate for their use.

With that, here are 70 of the most promising healthcare technology companies who are defining the future of healthcare.

Wearable Devices

iRhythm Technologies
 — iRhythm is a digital healthcare company redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed by combining our wearable biosensing technology with cloud-based data analytics and machine- learning capabilities. Our goal is to be the leading provider of first-line ambulatory electrocardiogram, or ECG, monitoring for patients at risk for arrhythmias.

Cardiac Insight — Cardiac Insight developed medical devices and systems utilizing the most advanced algorithms and software that provide improvements in mean time to diagnosis and treatment. Our innovations are designed to be physician- and patient-centric.

Big Data Solutions

Zephyr Health — Zephyr Health’s technology is a unique combination of patented, machine learning algorithms that create predictive insights using global health data for every major treatment area using thousands of connected data sources – public, private and vendor.

SCIO Health Analytics — SCIO provides predictive analytic solutions and services that transform data into actionable insights, helping healthcare organizations create the understanding that drives change through care.

HBI Solutions — HBI Solutions offers a proven suite of predictive analytics and performance analysis solutions to healthcare organizations worldwide.

PHEMI — PHEMI is a Big Data warehouse company that lets organizations easily access and mine their volumes and varieties of stranded data for insights to lower costs, improve outcomes and make better decisions faster.

DaVincian Healthcare — DaVincian Healthcare, Inc. is a healthcare information technology company committed to providing healthcare organizations with knowledge-enabled tools that empower them to track, manage, and automate key administrative and financial services.

Sandlot Solutions — Sandlot provides the tools and technology that enable healthcare organizations to improve the quality of care, understand and manage risk, reduce costs, and transition to new business models. The software-as-a-service, cloud model with configurable technology streamlines data sharing and provides physicians with actionable patient information and analytics at the point of care.

Apixio — Apixio applied its cognitive computing platform to tackle risk adjustment, the fundamental basis for value-based health. The result was the HCC Profiler, a proven solution which enables insights into document and coding gaps for a more accurate risk score.

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions — Arcadia provides technology and expertise that enables even the most complex healthcare organizations to get, analyze and use the richest data to solve their most challenging issues. Their technologies and services gather the healthcare data organizations needs then enrich that data to identify actions they can take to meet their quality improvement and population health goals.

Reflexion Health — Their mission is to transform healthcare delivery and redesign patient care, exploiting appropriate technology to educate, motivate, measure, manage, and report—all to ease the patient’s journey, amplify the clinician’s impact, and speed recovery.

Lumeris — Lumeris guides health systems and providers through seamless transitions from volume to value, enabling them to deliver improved and more affordable care across populations—with better outcomes.

iVantage Health Analytics — iVantage helps hospitals and health systems identify, understand and prioritize opportunities for operational, clinical quality, and cost management improvement.

iMedX — Through its continuously growing technological capabilities, iMedX offers a full suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions including medical transcription and coding services, results-based consulting, education and training opportunities, and data analytics.

Diagnostic Solutions

MeMed — MeMed develops breakthrough diagnostic solutions that empower physicians to make faster, better-informed treatment decisions.

Pocared Diagnostics — Pocared Diagnostics developed P-1000™, a tool that uses the unique physical properties of intrinsic fluorescence to provide the fully automated, direct specimen, CULTURE-FREE Microbiology® and reagent- free solution for microorganism detection, identification and enumeration.

Healthcare AI Companies

Affectiva — Affectiva is the pioneer in Emotion AI, the next frontier of artificial intelligence. Affectiva’s mission is to bring emotional intelligence to the digital world with our emotion recognition technology that senses and analyzes facial expressions and emotion.

Bay Labs — Bay Labs brings deep learning advances to critical unsolved problems in healthcare, specifically in cardiovascular imaging and care to combat heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide.

AiCure — AiCure uses artificial intelligence to visually confirm medication ingestion. Their clinically-validated platform works on smartphones to reduce risk in clinical research and optimize patient behavior.

Imagen Technologies — Imagen’s initial focus is on building AI-based software that can detect clinically-meaningful pathologies within medical images. Imagen’s long-term vision is to keep patients healthy by delivering novel insights to support early disease identification and improved patient management across episodes of care.

Pieces Technologies — Pieces Tech reimagines the intersection of healthcare and technology buy building software that interprets patient data in real-time, transforming billions of points into warning tools that can save lives and strengthen communities inside and outside of hospital walls.

AI has become one of the most noteworthy and buzzed about verticals in healthcare, and for good reason. If you’d like to read more about how healthcare is integrating AI solutions, check out “48 Companies Bringing AI to Healthcare” by clicking below.
New Call-to-actionInventory Management Solutions

Cohealo — Cohealo is a technology company that helps health systems share medical equipment across facilities, so they can optimize spend, accelerate cash flow, and improve access to care.

EMR Solutions

Consolo Services Group — Consolo Hospice Software is a web-based EMR solution providing a fully customizable business and clinical software suite for hospice and palliative care.

Core Solutions — Core Solutions is the progressive leader in transforming the health and human services experience for behavioral health providers, consumers and state agencies. Core’s integrated EHR software, Cx360, offers advanced population health and information management to achieve improved outcomes and relationships between providers, consumers and payers.

DocuTap — DocuTap creates on-demand healthcare software and services that help over one thousand urgent care clinics run efficiently. Their tablet-based EMR and PM offer RCM services and refine patient workflow.

Medical Devices

BioDirection — Medical device company developing novel and rapid point-of-care products for the objective management of concussion and other traumatic brain injury.

Jan Medical — Jan Medical is emerging medical technology company that has developed a novel, non-invasive, portable brain sensing system designed as a rapid aid to help diagnose abnormal neurological conditions such as concussion and stroke.

Evena Medical — Evena’s patented technology replaces the traditional system of vein finders — hands-on, unguided needle insertion by feel – with a modern-day guidance system that matches multispectral viewing with ultrasound to show veins precisely where they are in a crisp, clear, storable and shareable image.

Health Information Services


Acurian — AcurianHealth helps connect people with clinical research studies that offer treatments under development. We carefully match thousands of people to hundreds of research studies all over the world.

Clinipace — Clinipace uses a proprietary, comprehensive technology platform to support patient enrollment, project management, site selection and management, data capture, data management, monitoring and biostatistics to improve collaboration and data visibility.

BaseHealth — BaseHealth is the first predictive health platform that is evidence-based and data-driven without reliance on retrospective claims and ICD data. They take the guesswork out of risk and population health management and put science in the driver’s seat.

Strand Life Sciences — Strand is a portfolio company of Biomark Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based global fund for health and life sciences. By enabling DNA sequence-based diagnostics and clinical genomic data interpretation using a strong foundation of computational, scientific, and medical expertise, Strand is bringing personalized medicine to the world.

MedNet Solutions — MedNet Solutions specializes in electronic data solutions designed for the global life sciences community. Their flexible and easy-to-use technology solutions have improved the efficiency of clinical study initiatives across all phases and all major therapeutic areas.

Kayentis — Kayentis is a global provider in eCOA solutions offering new perspectives to power up clinical trials.

Care Management

Casenet — Casenet provides a highly scalable, flexible and extensible, enterprise care management platform which enables our customers to improve individual and population health through better care coordination, improved quality and more efficient care delivery.

Advanced Practice Strategies — With GNOSIS and Prophecy, our two visionary solutions designed for clinicians, healthcare systems are maximizing innovation in assessments, learning, and analytics to improve Patient Safety, Risk Exposure, and Nurse Retention.

medCPU — medCPU captures the complete clinical picture from clinicians’ free-text notes, dictations, discharge summaries and structured documentation entered into any EMR and analyzes it against a growing library of best-practice content, generating real-time precise prompts for best care consideration.

Prematics —  Prematics developed ScriptTone a reliable and highly secure service empowers physicians at the point-of-care to prescribe the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective prescription. ScriptTone benefits all of the key industry stakeholders by driving patient safety, lowering costs, and streamlining fulfillment.

Billing Workflow Solutions

California Healthcare Medical Billing — CHMB works with providers and health systems nationally to successfully manage the revenue cycle while maximizing reimbursements, reducing costs and increasing cash flow.

MediGain — MediGain Practice Management is a full-service revenue cycle management company that enables healthcare providers to navigate and succeed in an increasingly complex reimbursement environment.

NaviNet — NaviNet Open delivers critical patient data at the point of care. By leading the transformation of payer-provider collaboration, NaviNet helps our customers address their goals of lower costs, increased efficiencies, and most importantly, improved quality of patient care.

Portico Systems — Portico Systems focuses on empowering health plans to transform the performance of provider networks while significantly reducing medical, administrative, and IT costs.

HNI Healthcare — HNI Healthcare’s technology, consulting and management services align processes, protocols, communication, and clinical best practices within hospital-based medicine, helping medical systems identify and correct clinical and operational issues to gain financial strength.

Population Health Solutions


Clue — Clue uses science and data to provide actionable personal insights into female health. Their mobile app calculates and predicts users’ periods and PMS based on users’ data and calculates fertility windows based on global averages.

Medecision — Each of Medicision’s Population Health Management software apps and tools are built on a flexible, connected, sophisticated SaaS platform. Organizations representing the full fee-for-service to fee-for-value spectrum are leveraging Aerial’s Population Health Management solutions to improve their PHM and transform challenges into opportunities.

ZeOmega — ZeOmega’s powerful population health management platform delivers high-value, strategic solutions enabling payers and care-delivery organizations to improve individual health and provider performance.

Workflow Solutions

MedVentive — MedVentive’s supports an organization’s transition from a fee-for-service payment environment to risk-based contracting, and provide the clinical integration/population management infrastructure necessary to be successful.

Quatris — Quatris Health provides software and database solutions to build a more agile practice, as well as the training and support organizations need to get the maximum benefits from their technology investment.

PeraHealth — By leveraging the Rothman Index (RI), care providers are able to visualize the patient condition and identify at-risk patients earlier, often with >24hrs warning and minimal false alerts. As a result, leading healthcare organizations are achieving significant value based performance improvements.

PerceptiMed — PerceptiMed is driven to make the dispensing and administration of prescription drugs safer, reducing injuries and death. Its groundbreaking VeriFill™ technology sets the industry standard for medication verification.

Healthland — Healthland’s goal is to understand the rural healthcare environment, including the unique needs, barriers, and financial considerations rural hospitals face. With this awareness, they develop highly functional, cost-effective healthcare information systems while providing superior customer service and support.

Health Fidelity — Health Fidelity transforms risk adjustment by offering a combination of technology and expertise that enables organizations participating in Medicare Advantage, ACA commercial, Managed Medicaid, or Medicare ACO programs to transform an otherwise manual risk adjustment process into an integrated workflow.

PharmEasy — PharmEasy delivers medicine to people’s doorstep at a 20% discount within 24 hours of placing the order and additionally provide home-based diagnostic test services at more than 40% discount.

Cureatr — Cureatr’s notifications alert clinicians and payers in real-time on mobile or desktop applications when an attributed patient or member is receiving care anywhere within a region, and delivers necessary information that is essential to reducing preventable hospitalizations and avoiding readmissions.

Clinical Ink — Clinical Ink transforms clinical development with innovative technologies that make clinical research easier for sites, sponsors and patients. Clinical Ink’s SureSource platform directly captures eSource data and documents and improves patient engagement while streamlining clinical development.

IGGBO — Iggbo’s on-demand platform closes the last mile to the patient and reinvents healthcare’s service delivery model. Iggbo’s phlebotomists perform fixed and on-demand draws anywhere, anytime. Physicians and nurses can order lab tests with the push of a button, patient compliance improves to 98%, and every sample is monitored, tracked, and connected digitally.

Fruit Street Health — Fruit Street is a telemedicine software product that is licensed to healthcare professionals which allows them to conduct HIPAA compliant video consultations with their patients and monitor their patients’ health, diet, and lifestyle using medical and wearable devices.

Ingenious Med — Ingenious Med offers usable solutions that simplify workflows via intuitive and physician-designed solutions. Their professional implementation and services teams help increase revenues, align care teams, and reduce the cost of care.

Truveris — The Truveris platform empowers clients – from the individual patient to pharmacy benefits stakeholders – with the tools to more effectively and efficiently manage the complexity and rising costs of prescription drugs today.

Voluntis — Voluntis designed a prescription applications that embeds medical intelligence in the smartphones of people suffering from chronic and rare diseases. By using their software, patients leverage their health data to simplify their medical care.

REACH Health — REACH Health helps hospitals overcome traditional time, distance, and resource obstacles associated with the delivery of care. Created by physicians and developed in close collaboration with leading medical centers, REACH helps hospital networks and accountable care organizations achieve measurable improvements in their clinical, operational and financial performance.

Verisma Systems — Verisma’s helps healthcare organizations and providers streamline and automate their Release of Information (ROI) processes via a patented, cloud based ROI System that automates workflows to improve turnaround times, reduce errors and drive down costs.

Imaging Solutions

Medicalis — Medicalis provides leading-edge solutions for Diagnostic Imaging, including advanced Clinical Decision Support (CDS-DI) embedded into your EMR and Intelligent Integration to address today’s challenges of preauthorization, departmental workflow, enterprise integration, and payments status.

Medstreaming — Medstreaming is a leading provider of Healthcare IT solutions for image intensive specialties. They focus on enabling proactive patient care and increasing the efficiency of healthcare by providing medical IT solutions to individual practitioners and large institutions alike.

HeartFlow — HeartFlow creates a personalized, digital 3D model of the arteries. Powerful computer algorithms solve millions of complex equations to assess the impact that blockages have on blood flow.

iCAD — iCAD is a leading provider of advanced image analysis, workflow solutions, and radiation therapies for the early identification and treatment of common cancers.

Analytics 4 Life — AgilyticsTM from A4L is a machine intelligence technology platform that analyzes phase space tomography data to identify and assess specific disease. It starts by mathematically deciphering critical patterns and relationships from billions of data points collected from thousands of patients. Powerful IBM cloud-based technology allows for analyses of these data-intense sets of physiologic signals. By applying a clinically-proven machine-learned algorithm specific to a disease state, it identifies and characterizes the unseen relationships and turns them into precise 3D images.

Data Exchange and Security Solutions

Imprivata — Imprivata enables healthcare organizations to access, communicate, and transact patient information securely and conveniently. The Imprivata platform addresses critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience.

eDevice — eDevice provides solutions that securely and safely transmit medical data between their patients and their systems.

If you made it this far, we salute your commitment to learning about health tech. However, this isn’t an exhaustive list—there are countless solutions out there and even more workflows waiting to be reimagined and improved.

If you know of a healthcare technology company that’s working to improve the future of healthcare which isn’t included here but should be, please let us know in the comments.

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Written by Julia Zehel