48 companies bringing AI to healthcare

April 24, 2017
QuHarrison Terry -

Rarely does the word “artificial” have a positive connotation—artificial sweetener, artificial food dye, artificial meat, etc… So, why should we trust Artificial Intelligence?

Even though I’d like to picture AI in healthcare as a friendly, marshmallowy robot, this probably won’t happen (at least, not at first). Instead, AI in healthcare will be developed across multiple subsets of the healthcare industry, from drug discovery research and treatment optimizing plans all the way to being able to recognize cancerous tumors in various health screenings.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—humans can already do all that, what makes a computer better at it than us? Well, right now, AI isn’t necessarily better, but it’s like that extraordinarily gifted kid in school who everyone knows is headed for great things. With such promising potential, everyone in healthcare is keeping a close eye on AI and how it’ll be maximized in the coming years.

People are taking big bets on developing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. Some are seeing early returns while others are still working towards their initial traction.

Regardless, here are the 48 most promising healthcare AI companies on our radar.

Apps and wearables for health

Big data – Learning from the EHR

Imaging/image detection


Open-source AI platform/enterprise AI

Payer and pprovider insights



Blood test/cancer detection

Blood transfusion

Hospital operations

Objective pain analysis

Prescriptive analytics

Recognizing deteriorating patients

Vitals analysis

These companies are poised to make use of AI in ways that healthcare has never seen before, and we’re excited watch it play out. If you’re part of a team who’s pushing healthcare forward with AI, reach out—we’d love to hear from you and feature what you’re creating on this blog.

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