Key takeaways from Snowflake’s 2024 Data Cloud Summit

June 20, 2024
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

On the heels of our recent partnership announcement, Redoxers were excited to attend Snowflake’s 2024 Data Cloud Summit June 3-6 in San Francisco. Touted as the largest gathering of AI and data professionals in the world, Data Cloud Summit hosted over 400 sessions on building the future with AI and apps. Snowflake also made multiple announcements, including a new partnership with NVIDIA allowing businesses to securely build custom large language models (LLMs) using their own data in the Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

What’s new and relevant from Snowflake for healthcare and life sciences organizations? Here are Redox’s top three takeaways from Summit 2024.

  1. AI continues to be a major strategic priority.

Almost 90 sessions at Data Cloud Summit were centered around driving value through AI. Healthcare-specific sessions focused on optimizing both clinical and operational use cases to introduce efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. Snowflake unveiled a series of new features to simplify complex data problems and make AI adoption faster, easier, and more reliable. 

Redox and Snowflake’s new partnership is well-positioned to help organizations across the healthcare continuum accelerate the adoption of AI. The collaboration leverages Redox’s ability to unify healthcare data from legacy systems and formats for ingestion into Snowflake, where it can be used for AI and ML use cases by providers, payers, and digital health organizations. 

  1. Enterprise organizations are laser focused on deriving advanced analytics and insights from their data—and access to real-time data is necessary to make this a reality.

Multiple Data Cloud Summit sessions focused on supercharging healthcare data and extracting the maximum amount of value within Snowflake. Leveraging insights is essential for healthcare organizations to tackle use cases like improving care delivery and maximizing operational efficiency. But these insights aren’t nearly as valuable if data isn’t delivered in real-time, especially for clinical use cases that require split-second decision-making. 

With nearly 10,000 live healthcare integrations and over 1 billion messages processed monthly, Redox delivers the right data in real-time, supporting data democratization and scale for Snowflake customers. Redox also facilitates bi-directional exchange to deliver relevant data back into the EHR, meeting clinicians where they are in their day-to-day workflows with powerful context and insights.

  1. Data silos continue to be a major pain point.

Healthcare organizations are constantly juggling multiple data sources, including EHRs, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), payer source systems, and data from digital health organizations. Harmonizing disparate data is key to powering LLMs and AI applications within Snowflake, but unifying this data to maximize value in Snowflake can be a complex and resource-intensive process.

Redox harmonizes healthcare data from any source system, securely transforming the right data in real-time to bring any healthcare use case to life. Eliminating data silos with Redox allows organizations to scale faster and focus their efforts on innovation. 

Watch our recent presentation at Snowflake Accelerate for Healthcare and Life Sciences, where Tim Kessler, Director of Solutions Architecture, demonstrates how Redox transforms data for real-time ingestion into Snowflake. 

Learn more about unifying your healthcare data with Redox and Snowflake, and catch up on session recordings from Snowflake’s 2024 Data Cloud Summit.