Announcing our latest data models

April 1, 2016
George McLaughlin Director of Solutions Marketing

* A note from your friendly neighborhood marketer. This old post is an April Fool’s joke. This is not real functionality provided by Redox. I could have simply unpublished this piece but it represents a particularly silly era in our history. Friends don’t let friends rely on screen scraping to power an “integration”. 

The world of interoperability changes fast – and at Redox we’re always trying to stay one step ahead.

Today, I’m proud to announce two new data models in the Redox family: Screen Scraping and Faxing.

Screen scraping

Our standards-based approach to getting data doesn’t always get the most relevant clinical data. Our dev team cooked up our screen scraping API after many frustrating months working with HL7. All you do is run the Redox Agent on your desktops, and we capture screenshots which are sent back to Redox HQ for processing.


Healthcare has long relied on the trusty fax machine to seamlessly exchange records. Previously that technology was far out of the reach of innovators in our space.

Now, we’re happy to announce that Redox supports faxing any one of our data models within the United States. At this time we are limited to one 56k fax modem, so queue times are somewhat high.

For more information please contact [email protected]


April Fools! 🙂

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