Changing the world

June 16, 2017
Nick John Head of Compliance and Risk Management

Indiana Jones set out to change the world, one artifact at a time. He believed that every artifact belonged in a museum in order to better benefit society. He did this through his passion for archeology (or the loosely defined version of archeology that involves a cool hat, flying all around the world, and finding creative uses for a whip) and through doing the right thing. And, it’s with this caricature in mind that I present the remaining, “change the world” values for review. Both values center around how we can achieve a goal of adding value to and/or changing the healthcare world. 

Image: Josh Hallett from Winter Haven, Florida – This image was originally posted to Flickr as Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular – Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


I am passionate about Redox. There are lots of things I could spend my time on. I chose Redox because this is how I want to add value to the world.

We all find passion in something at work.  For Indy, it was donating a piece of history to a museum and every moment leading up to it. His seemingly strange fascination and passion for archeology and teaching students about it never waned, despite death-defying movie after movie.

For us Redoxers, we have that passion, too, whether it is closing deals, expanding our network, being an expert in a data model or workflow, improving processes, generating more leads, or developing the next ease-of-use feature in our application.

As a company we measure our success by achieving True North. The way we each contribute to that is our own journey. For me, my first three months at Redox has been focused on learning, but my passion isn’t the learning itself. My passion is an end goal that it achieves. I want to be the expert in the room whenever there’s a scoping call with an app and a health system. I want to be indispensable to our customers. I want to be the first person you ask about X12 835 options or how our SFTP installs are going. This is what motivates me to come to work and to continue my learning every day.  

Ultimately, our passions contribute to Redox’s success, which gets us one step closer to a safer, healthier, and happier patient.  

Doing what’s right

We’re out to change the world and because of that we constantly challenge the status quo. We feel comfortable bending rules.

Indy was an unconventional archaeologist. He was not content to let those of means buy all artifacts for private collections or allow the forces of evil to desecrate religious and historic artifacts. He knew that in an unjust world, he would have to make hard choices and take unorthodox avenues to be that agent of change. Whether it be outrunning boulders, risking human sacrifice, eating monkey brains, avoiding boat propellers, fighting Nazis (2x), escaping eternal damnation (3x), or, yes, even evading alien dimensional portals (*sigh*), Dr. Jones always does what’s right, despite it being difficult or uncomfortable. 

At Redox, we see the healthcare space ripe for change. At this value’s core, getting to that better place requires us to challenge the status quo. Discord is okay, and sometimes necessary, when it comes with setting new standards and pushing integration past existing boundaries. It’s not always sexy, not always easy, and not always comfortable when we’re changing the healthcare world.

We’re pushing against the canon that deems integration too hard, too expensive, or too time-consuming to achieve. We’re pushing against a standing implementation model that has the provider at its core, often leaving the patient by the wayside. These are the conventions that we buck by making integration smarter, faster, and repeatable. We reach more patients more quickly by enabling patients and providers to take advantage of innovative technology. By finding these opportunities to change the status quo, we add value to the world.

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