Device data model

March 27, 2017
Julia Zehel -

This data model directly integrates discrete clinical data captured by an EHR specific device into a patient’s chart at constant intervals. The type of information inputted is application specific and can vary widely, from heart rate, to blood pressure, to estimated blood loss.

Functionality: Read and/or Write
Type: Event Based

Key Information Included: 

This data model has many use cases in the out-patient setting. For example, it is valuable for integrating information sent from homecare devices that monitor heart rate or blood pressure. This information can be used during a telemedicine visit, which in turn would send information back to the EHR. It is also useful for management tools for chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, and other conditions.

In the hospital setting, the device data model can be used for capturing discrete values in a regular time intervals within an operating room, like estimated blood loss during childbirth.

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