Farewell with gratitude

November 1, 2023
Luke Bonney Co-Founder & CEO

After a lot of thought, it’s time for me to transition out of my role as CEO at Redox. I’ve put an incredible amount of my life into Redox and will forever be proud of the impact we’ve had.

I believe that the next phase of Redox is better served by a new CEO, someone who has experienced this next stage of company scale. We are in a perfect position to drive accelerated impact as we scale our offerings across an expanded customer base. I went to the Board with my decision and they have been incredible partners in supporting my transition.

The other big reason for my transition is my family. It is clear to me that the next chapter of my life is all about my wife Kelsey, and our two kids Zeke and Leona. They are at the center, and my time going forward will be focused on them.

Once I made my decision, I partnered with the Board to find our next CEO. Redox is a special company and therefore the next CEO must be a special leader. I know we’ve found that in Trip Hofer. There were critical things that we considered and that needed to be true about the next CEO.

  1. Someone who is committed to improving healthcare with technology – A CEO with a strong technology and healthcare background was non-negotiable. Trip has been in healthcare technology since 2002 working on issues from patient education at Health Dialogue to behavioral health at AbleTo. He’s not only committed to this work, he knows the landscape and the players, including Redox’s current and future customers. He’s also seen all levels of scale, from being CEO at Healthtech startups to being an executive at Optum and CVS.
  2. Someone who leads with Purpose and Values – People often ask me ‘what kind of company is Redox?’ Some companies are product first, some companies are sales first. My answer has always been ‘Redox is an impact first company.’ Our CEO needs to care about, and feel connected to, our purpose of making the world’s healthcare data useful. Our CEO needs to believe in our values and uphold them. After spending time with Trip, I know he does both these things.
  3. Someone who loves having fun – Finally, our next CEO needs to work hard, kick butt, AND know how to have fun. As anyone who’s worked as a Redoxer, been a partner to Redox, been a customer of Redox’s, or in any way interacted with us, fun is something we try to bring with us into every interaction. What we do is hard. We might as well have a good time doing it. Trip will continue supporting this ethos.

As our outgoing founding CEO, lover of Redox and believer in our Purpose, I believe in Trip. He has my full faith and support. As for me, my role will be shifting. My primary role is advisor to Trip. My job is to make him successful, and that is what I plan to do.

As I write this letter my heart is exploding with love and appreciation for all of you who have made Redox possible. You have all been an important part of Redox’s story and I am so grateful. My time at Redox has just been our founding chapter and I know that our best days are ahead as our impact expands to so many more people and companies.

We are all patients. And as a patient, we have a lot more work to do before we’re done ❤️‍🔥.

Luke Bonney

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