In review: Unpacking HIMSS research insights

July 13, 2022
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing


In the past 2 years, we’ve seen an increase in remote patient monitoring (RPM) and care coordination solutions. We wanted to learn about the key deterrents and accelerants to successful adoption of these technologies within health systems. In this video we’re sharing lessons and best practices that organizations can learn from as they look to build and sell or select and implement these solutions.

For this work, we collaborated with HIMSS research arm to survey strategic contacts on both the health system and technology side of the market, and we compiled an insightful report.

In this event, we unpack some of the strategic findings with healthcare industry experts:

Lauren Demosthenes, OBGYN, educator, and Babyscripts Senior Medical Director

Aaron Farber-Chen, Boston Children’s Hospital‘s PM Program Leader & Clinical Advisor

Susanna Rustad, UCI Health Executive Director & Chief Procurement Officer

Look into survey respondents and catch the replay.

3 Key Points Addressed:

Redox appreciates our guests and HIMSS for such a sharp dive into the findings. Catch the whole video on our Redox Youtube channel, and download the full report.

Who we are:

Redox is a healthcare integration and data management platform that exists to accelerate the development and deployment of digital health products that improve the lives of patients and providers. We solve technical challenges faced by product teams looking to integrate with health systems, electronic health records (EHRs) and exchange data with a wide range of organizations. With customer on both the health system and digital health product sides of the market, Redox get to have an aerial view on the real world progress of healthcare innovation. It is through this lens that we are able to gather unique insights and share finding with the broader market.

TL;DR— Redox is the industry-leading EHR integration and healthcare interoperability company, and we work with a variety of healthcare-centered and healthcare-related organizations to improve their data exchange endeavors. As a result, we can speak to what’s happening in the healthcare market from a perspective that no-one else has because we get to see the shakes and changes in real-time.

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What’s Coming in Full View:

Interoperability Best Practices from Specialty Lab Integrations

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