Redox partners with Snowflake to power healthcare data interoperability

May 23, 2024
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

The partnership unlocks healthcare data trapped in legacy formats and systems and streams it into Snowflake for immediate access by healthcare providers, payers, and digital health organizations

Madison, Wis., May 23, 2024 – Redox, a leader in healthcare interoperability, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to simplify the exchange of healthcare data between legacy healthcare systems and Snowflake’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Cloud

The new partnership leverages Redox’s ability to unify healthcare data from legacy systems and formats and stream it into Snowflake in near real-time, where it can be used for AI and ML use cases by providers, payers, and digital health organizations. With this enhanced interoperability, healthcare organizations have the capabilities they need to access longitudinal health records, improve their decisions, and better serve their patients, members, and communities. 

“The ability to quickly, easily, and securely access health data from a variety of systems is essential for uncovering meaningful insights that are required for better precision-based care and better member outcomes,” said Joe Warbington, Industry Principal for Healthcare at Snowflake. “Together, the Snowflake Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud and Redox accelerate interoperability to centralize live healthcare data from often dozens to hundreds of data system silos, equipping our customers to garner deeper data insights, construct comprehensive Patient 360 data products, and push insights back into EHRs and health tech apps. We look forward to seeing how Snowflake’s and Redox’s technologies drive the future of connected healthcare.”

“Snowflake’s mission is to break down data silos and enable secure data collaboration across the healthcare and life sciences industry. With nearly 10,000 live healthcare integrations and over 1 billion messages processed monthly, Redox is well-positioned to support data democratization and scale for Snowflake’s HLS customers,” said Redox’s Chief Growth Officer Erika Glenn. “Together, Redox and Snowflake enable healthcare organizations to maximize the value of legacy system data so they can reduce costs, improve outcomes, and revolutionize patient experiences.”

About the partnership’s technologies 

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