PatientSearch data model: Information-based patient query

March 27, 2017
Julia Zehel -

This data model is useful for when an application doesn’t have the health system’s patient identifier—typically the MRN—but does have specific demographic information about the patient. When an application enters in enough matching information, Redox will query the EHR and return the patient identifier, even if the information given does not precisely match (such a name variation). This important identifier can then be used for other types of data exchange, such a Clinical Summary query. It’s important to note this model will not return an identifier if the information provided is not specific enough, or if there are two correct/possible candidates who meet the criteria.

Functionality: Read
Type: Query Based

Key Information Included:

This model is most commonly used in the clinic or outpatient setting. For example, when patients enroll in your application on their own, you can use the information they provide to see if a record for that patient already exists in the EHR before creating a new one. It is also helpful to use when your application went live prior to EHR integration and you now want to display information from the EHR to your users. Lastly, this model is useful for an application spanning multiple health systems who wish to see if a patient in their workflow already exists in other care facilities.

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