Q3 2020 product updates: Integrate more with less code

August 18, 2020
Paige Goodhew Program Manager Product Marketing

Being able to integrate is a critical pathway for almost any healthcare product, but it’s rarely the reason why products becomes successful.  The ones that rise to the top provide a differentiated value to their end users, typically patients, clinicians, or administrators.  Our goal at Redox is to keep your team focused on what makes your product special by reducing the time you need to spend integrating and we have a few new solutions that we think do just that.

Data on Demand

What is it?

Minimize message processing and FIFO retention headaches by turning the firehose of HL7 data into query-based integrations.

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Feedback Needed

Tell us what you’re hoping to see in updates to the Redox API that will make the biggest impact to how you exchange data.

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Unlock Nationwide Interoperability

What is it?

Your connection with Redox enables access to the Carequality framework, a set of standards used by more than half a million providers for the seamless exchange of healthcare data.

Connect to the Carequality Sandbox

Beta Participants Needed

We’re actively seeking beta participants to test enhancements designed to reduce incoming query volume from Carequality connections using Redox’s Carequality Gateway.

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Record Locator Service

What is it?

We’ve heard a lot about the the challenges our customers face with managing patient identifiers.  We’ve created a Developer Preview so you can see what we’re working on to make it easier.

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