Redox joins Pulse@MassChallenge

December 13, 2016
Julia Zehel -

Redox is wicked excited to announce our participation in Pulse@MassChallenge, a health lab in Boston, Massachusetts! We’re particularly pumped for this accelerator because not only do we love clam chowder, but our investors, .406, are based in Boston and a number of our digital health application customers are, too. We’re looking forward to heading out to the Northeast and spending time connecting with some incredibly bright minds in the healthcare space.

Pulse@MassChallenge features access to resources commonly found in other incubator-type programs—collaborative working spaces, the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from other companies in the healthcare sector, and connect with industry-leading healthcare investors.

But Pulse@MassChallenge is a little different than other accelerators for a few reasons, chief among them the fact that no equity is taken from participating companies. This altruism enables companies to focus wholly on their solutions without having to relinquish any part of their company. Another differentiator is that each incoming company is matched with a partner organization with whom they’ll collaborate with for the duration of the program. This will allow them (and us) to focus their energy on a few key projects while utilizing the consistent attention, resources, and brainpower of another company. We’re keeping our partner organizations under wraps for the time being, but stay tuned—the partnerships are very exciting.

We’re really excited about this opportunity and what it will enable us to do in the coming year. You can find more details about the program here and also check out a great write up Xconomy did about the announcement on their site here.

Pulse@MassChallenge begins in January (just in time for us to flee our Wisconsin winter for Boston’s) and runs through June. We’ll update you along the way with any exciting announcements or events in the area that we’ll be attending. If you live around Boston, let us know—we’d love to buy you a bowl of chowder and talk healthcare.

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