Redox newsletter June 2022

June 6, 2022

Hey world,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Redox Newsletter. We’ve compiled a short list of news across the industry that is giving us a lot to think about. Find something particularly interest here or elsewhere? Let us know. We want to hear what’s on your mind.

We hold these truths to be self evident: mental health is a right

The Senate Finance Committee is calling for telehealth services to address mental health. This comes as a forerunner to larger reform meant to address mental health in the US. Read more

Prevent patient leakage, bolster access to care

As providers seek to operated as a single system of care, they are setting themselves up with the right strategies to achieve success. Read more

A Rocky love story: M&A and practice management

Many hospital mergers and acquisitions promise improved care quality. But recent research points to conflicting evidence. Read more

Social media changed our tolerance for information

How can we best engage patients when social media has rewired the way we filter information? Denise Scannell, chief scientist of health communication at MITRE shares her observations and what our industry can do to overcome the “mental filter” barrier. Learn more

The kids are not alright…but payers could help with that

Although more Americans are aware of what their health plan offers, more than half are still avoiding care, especially those under age 35. However, payers have a part to play in prioritizing price transparency. Read more

This week FHIR fest: Redox at #FhirDevDays 6/6-6/9

Redox’s Garrett Rhodes will explain how converting X12 to FHIR (and back again 😉) will help you send and receive common administrative transactions (eligibility, benefits enrollment, claims, and authorization) at scale. Catch the preview here

This month: Divergent views discuss new HIMSS virtual care research 6/16

HIMSS surveyed health systems and tech vendors to find if they are on the same page regarding RPM and care coordination solutions.

We found some interesting perception gaps. Listen in to get an exclusive preview of the unpublished results. Check out some of the results

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