Introducing Redox single sign-on (R^SSO)

April 24, 2018
George McLaughlin Director of Solutions Marketing

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of R^SSO–our single sign-on solution for organizations powered by Redox.

With R^SSO enabled, organizations can now securely share the login context for a user making it easy for caregivers to launch and interact with third-party applications directly from their EHR.

With integration no longer the barrier it once was (/humble brag), we’re seeing the unprecedented adoption of solutions that augment and extend electronic health records (EHR). This new paradigm requires a secure, streamlined way for caregivers to access and interact with a growing number of systems.

While single-sign-on (SSO) solutions have been in place for some time, most are focused on the needs of healthcare organizations at an enterprise level. Digital health vendors scaling across multiple healthcare enterprises have largely been ignored.

The goal of R^SSO is to simplify all the moving pieces and roles required to execute a single sign-on workflow to just two: you and Redox.

You trust us to verify that the SSO request is valid, and we normalize and pull as much information as possible to pass along. As with all Redox integrations, we meet the healthcare organization where they are and abstract away variance to provide developers a standardized experience.

Initial support covers any EHR capable of issuing an outbound SAML request. We will extend support for any browser-based SSO scheme an EHR uses as long as it meets our bar for security.

For an overview of “how R^SSO works”, check-out the following diagram.

how R^SSO works

This release is special to a lot of us here at Redox because single sign-on has been a heavily requested feature for some time. For those of you who have been waiting–thank you for your patience! We can’t wait to get you up and running soon.

To learn more about R^SSO, please review our API docs or contact our solutions team to discuss how your organization can start taking advantage of Redox’s full-service integration platform.

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