Redox’s new Record Locator Service is a big deal, a brief look

May 25, 2021
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing

I’ll lead with the punchline: The Redox Record Locator Service streamlines your patient identity management. 

Wait, what can you do with it?

Search: A single API to find patients across many health systems 

Update: Stay in sync with real-time updates as patients are seen at a health system

Create: Send information to create a patient record in a connected EHR with confirmation

Upload: Backload your non-EHR patient data and make it queryable by you

OK Redox, this is cool, I guess, but why do this? (great question)

Here’s our why

We frequently get questions and concerns from customers like: 

Some digital health companies have tried to do this completely on their own, but they’ve found:

  1. They have a limited scope, where they only rely on the data they’ve amassed themselves.
  2. It diverts focus from their core business and differentiating features.

The Redox Record Locator Service solves it all for you.

  • We’ve created a single API for our customers  to find many patients across health systems. 
  • We stay up-to-date with patient demographic information 
  • If you have a backload of patient demographic information, we can ingest that such that it is queryable by you 
  • Further, Redox normalizes patient demographic information across EHRs. 

If you want to find out how the Redox Record Locator Service works more in depth, take a look at our webinar led by our Senior Director of Product, Alvin Loh, or watch our May Product event.

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