Reinventing data standardization and normalization in Canada

August 26, 2022
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Redox today announces a major expansion into Canada, as an important step into international growth. Canadian healthcare organizations can take advantage of a consistent, normalized API connecting them to any number of desired EHRs, Providers, and Specialists.

A major network of mental health providers in Ontario plans to become the first in Canada to align their interoperability operations through one partner. Redox infrastructure is currently used to connect these specialty providers to dozens of EHR and specialty systems through one, consistent Redox API. Redox’s expansion into Canada will reduce organizational complexity, as the same operational workflows can be completed, regardless of location.

In the coming months, Redox will expand Canadian operations and unveil even more products and capabilities. The key takeaway is that we have evolved our platform to address the laws and regulations that have traditionally made international electronic health information exchange complicated. If your product needs to exchange health data with organizations in the United States and Canada, we’re here to help.

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