Results data model: Outcome reports for hospital and home procedures

March 27, 2017
Julia Zehel -

This data model provides the results of common diagnostic tests (like lab or radiology procedures) and can match information to a specific order placed within the EHR. It can also report results from outside sources which do not originate from an order, such as a patient-reported home glucose stick. With the high volume of results being reported within a health system, filtering is often utilized to block the income of unnecessary data. Customizable filtering fields, including patient location and result urgency, ensures your application receives only workflow-pertinent information and continues to run smoothly.

Functionality: Read and/or Write 
Type: Event Based

Key Information Included:

In the clinic or outpatient setting, this model can be used when a patient managing their diabetes uses an at-home glucose stick to document their result in a cloud-based application. For these results to trend with in-clinic glucose sticks, the results are recorded in this data model and are sent back to the EHR via Redox.

In the hospital or inpatient setting, an on-call physician might use an application that sends push notifications to their cell phone. Only wanting to be notified of critical results, Redox would tap into the health systems results feed and filter out unnecessary information, alerting the physician only to critical messages.

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