Search Redox Engine traffic for up to 45 days

April 28, 2021

Many of our customers utilize the Redox Dashboard as a troubleshooting tool for their live integrations. Sometimes issues arise on monthly reconciliation cycles such that troubleshooting is required weeks after a given data transaction occurred.

To better support workflows like this, we’ve expanded the searchable range of message and transmission records from 7 to 45 days. Additionally, we’ve optimized our search indexes around the unique values that are most often utilized and have added additional filter options for finer control over the records returned. 

“Search” can be found within the left side navigation pane of the Redox Dashboard. 

To start, message and transmission records created on or after April 8th, 2021 are searchable. This searchable data set will continue to grow each day and reach the full 45-day historical range by May 23, 2021, and retain this range thereafter.

Happy troubleshooting!

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