Starting the engine

December 31, 2015
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder

Dear Friends,
We wanted to write a quick note to say thanks, and share some gratitude for the inspiration you give us on a daily basis. A year ago, we had zero customers, a shell of a website, and were packing our car to move to Baltimore. We didn’t have developer accounts, installing customers, or project plans. We had around six followers on social media, a couple blog posts outlining our dreams, and a handful of people who kind of knew what we were setting out to do.

It’s amazing to look back on these twelve months. From Baltimore we bounced to Houston with TMC|X, and eventually to Salt Lake with Healthbox partnering with great health systems and meeting amazing startups. We now have hundreds of people developing against this thing we’ve built. We have 12 employees and are continuing to grow the most badass team I’ve ever been a part of. Most importantly, we get to spend our days working with amazingly talented people across the country who share our vision for improving healthcare. These are our customers.

You’re creating the software that will cut into the inefficiencies we face every time we become a patient. In St. Louis, clinics powered by StatPayMD are improving cost transparency by predicting out of pocket expenses. And in New Jersey, complex cesarean deliveries are safer for mothers because Gauss Surgical is accurately measuring blood loss in the operating room. These are just a few of the amazing innovations we get to touch on a daily basis.

2015 was the year we got the engine started; Redox is actually being used to improve interoperability in healthcare. This year, we shift from simply solving a problem to changing an industry. Redox has never been about point-to-point connections. Each go-live adds to a network that can interoperate freely making it possible to plug in once and scale. We’ve started that engine. The next step is getting this vessel moving. Check back next year to see how that happened. It’s a story we’re working on writing.

Thank you,
Your friends at Redox

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