Redox’s public statement on racism

June 3, 2020

At Redox we believe Black lives matter. We cannot look away from the history or the persistence of racism and violence inflicted on Black people in the United States — not ever, and especially not now. We recognize that we must all do our part to make this better. We must speak out that what is happening to Black people in this country is wrong, criminal, and must change.

“Inhabit Your Learning Zone” is one of our core company values and one that we must all take responsibility for, especially at this moment. We must focus on doing the work — learning, listening, educating ourselves & others — to better support the Black community, including Black Redoxers, client team members, and our ultimate customers, Patients.

This is our responsibility not only within Redox but also within the communities we live and work in across the US. We must educate ourselves on how to be allies, admit our failings as we work towards improvement, and take action to address the historic and systemic inequality the Black community faces. We are responsible for using our voices and our votes to help affect the change needed in our society.

We recognize that as an organization, we have not done enough within our power to support Black people impacted by racism. Starting now, Redox will be taking the following actions:

Black lives matter.

–Luke Bonney, James Lloyd, Niko Skievaski, Redox Co-founders

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