Up in the Cloud: Future-Proofing Healthcare Data with Productive Edge and Redox

December 1, 2023
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Redox recently announced our partnership with Productive Edge, a leading healthcare-focused digital transformation consultancy. The collaboration aims to solve the industry’s pressing challenges around health data fragmentation, real-time analytics, and compliance, offering innovative solutions for healthcare interoperability. 

Dive into this transformative discussion with Mike Moore of Productive Edge and Cal Harris of Redox. They share new joint healthcare data accelerator offerings that are enabling healthcare organizations with centralized, FHIR-compliant data architecture and real-time analytics for data-driven decision making and seamless data exchange.

Leveraging cloud capabilities will unlock efficiencies and innovation for healthcare organizations. Many organizations are piloting AI technology through cloud to achieve their goals, asking questions like:

Mike shares an overview of what is top-of-mind for healthcare organizations as they begin their AI and cloud journey, and how Productive Edge is framing their approach to support this digital transformation.

A fundamental question arises as healthcare organizations evaluate tackling AI driven use cases in the cloud — how will we ingest, maintain, and access data in a cloud environment? This data will lay the foundation for unlocking insights, building workflows, and driving future innovation. Cal dives into some of the challenges to accessing data, and how Redox leverages deep expertise in data integration to prepare for a seamless ingestion process.

Mike wraps up the discussion with an overview of the joint accelerator offerings, including how Redox + Productive Edge can enable outcomes like clinical interoperability, a modern cloud data platform, machine learning, and generative AI. Learn how healthcare organizations can predictably manage costs and jumpstart the adoption of technology for a turnkey solution with the Healthcare Data Strategy Accelerator and the Healthcare Data Integration Accelerator.

The potential value of cloud capabilities is staggering. Are you ready to sculpt a robust infrastructure that not only meets the needs of today but anticipates future demands of tomorrow? Are you unsure how to transition from potential to reality? 

Ensure you’re at the forefront with Redox and Productive Edge. Click here to watch the full webinar and learn more about the new joint digital transformation offerings.

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