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Like solving complex problems?

Exchanging healthcare data is much harder than it should be. Help us solve this problem while accelerating digital innovation in healthcare.

Support the human connection in health care

As technologists, we have the power to facilitate something magical in the delivery of health care — that intimate moment when providers can harness insightful data, coupled with their medical expertise, to discover a solution for the patient. That’s the moment when technology can shine — as a graceful background accompaniment to an empathetic patient experience, helping providers perform better.


Fight inefficiencies in data integration

Healthcare organizations are tasked with increasingly complex decisions about which technology they’ll adopt. To provide the best outcomes, everyone needs to work from the same data. When data doesn’t integrate between providers and technologies that make data more useful, providers aren’t the only ones who suffer from that inefficiency. Patients are missing the tools they need to manage their own health. Integration challenges between critical and innovative software applications inhibit healthcare experiences.

Redox provides an elegant, secure, and highly-scalable solution that eliminates these technical barriers. Join our battle cry to fight inefficiency as we invigorate the patient-provider relationship. Be part of the healthcare revolution and help us set the data free!

Become a Redoxer

Tackling healthcare interoperability requires commitment from our whole team—not just a commitment to solving problems, but to supporting each other as we navigate those challenges together.

Join the team at Redox

When I spoke with my coach and said ‘I have an idea…’ it wasn’t met with chiding me for the past project [failure]. It wasn’t met with distrust, or even unwarranted skepticism. Instead, it was met with curiosity and an honest exploration of the idea.

Tanner Engbretson
Senior Software Engineer

Employee benefits

Live anywhere. Work anywhere. Create together.

Our promise

We provide benefits that allow you to live life by your own design. Redox employees enjoy unmatched autonomy in their work and the support to live a balanced life. We trust you know what you need to be happy, at work and at home.

Work anywhere

We want to have the best people at Redox—no matter where you call home. All Redox employees are encouraged to live and work wherever they’re happiest. All you need is power, wifi, and a computer and you’re good to go. We’ve been remote since the beginning and will continue to be.

Flexible time off

Take a trip somewhere fun, stay home to recover from being sick, or have a staycation to unplug and recharge—we trust you to know what you need. Our best work happens when we feel fresh and inspired. We leave it up to you to decide when you need to take breaks and encourage you to make time for adventure and discovery.

Parental leave

As your family grows, it’s important that you’re there and have time to figure out what your family’s new norm is. You can take 16 weeks of paid time off within the first year of your new addition arriving. We know that they need you and we have your back.

Rest and R^Charge

In addition to our Flexible Time Off, we offer six weeks of paid leave for every five years of service for you to take a sabbatical. Take the time to recharge and do whatever you would like!

Compensation and retirement

In addition to competitive salaries, we offer employer matching on 401k retirement plans and provide all Redox Employees an opportunity for ownership through Stock Options and want you to share in the company’s success.

Productivity stipend and wellness fund

We want you to be able to set up a workspace that allows you to perform at your very best. All Redox employees receive an annual discretionary stipend so you can select what helps you be productive. Whatever it is, we want to make sure you have what you need. Finally, we provide a Wellness Fund for you to spend on anything you feel benefits your mental and/or physical wellness.

Insurance from day 1

Working in healthcare makes you understand all the challenges life can throw at you. Your health and dental coverage starts when you do to make sure you’re always covered. We provide health and dental insurance for employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents along with 100% of premiums for Disability & Life Insurance.

Our culture

In order to do revolutionary things, we need a team of strong, diverse, mission-focused people. Whether we’re physically together or in our own little corner of the country, we are all focused on getting outcomes based on experimentation, data-driven decisions, and execution—and having some fun while doing it.

We are a remote-first company with autonomous employees who act in ways that reflect our values every day. Our team is built on a foundation of trust and respect doing our part to make healthcare better.

Redox employees are team of strong, diverse, mission-focused people.

When I first joined Redox, I was fresh out of undergrad.…I’ve grown from a timid developer to the tech lead of a small team. I was able to accomplish many things—not just because Redox allowed me to grow—but because Redox helped me to grow.

Dani Henkel
Senior Software Engineer

Our values

We hire on the basis of values and coach people based on our values. They represent the foundation of our culture and how we want to interact with each other and the world.

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