Patient Record Locator Service

Streamline Patient Identity Management

Redox’s Patient Record Locator Service (RLS) is a patient identity management service designed for healthcare developers. This tool builds on the unique value of Redox’s networked approach to give teams at health systems and healthcare products an API-driven approach to searching for patient records across data connections.

  • Reduce the burden of managing patient identity using a single REST-based API
  • Simplify search algorithms and receive patient matches across one or many health systems
  • One API call to search, create, and confirm the addition of a new patient
  • Stay in sync with real-time updates as new patients are seen by healthcare providers
  • Supported back-loads to make existing patient data queryable
  • Flat file ingestion of patient demographics information for non EHR integrations

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Workflows & scenarios where the Redox Record Locator Service helps

  • Healthcare developers that require an MRN to complete a workflow, such as for patient referrals or patient scheduling.
  • Looking for an MRN with partial demographics information
  • Looking for a way to standardize patient search across many different EHRs
  1. Difficulty managing PatientAdmin feeds
  2. Looking for probabilistic PatientSearch when EHR patient search is too limited

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