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You have many jobs to do. Like most healthcare enterprises, you may be using the cloud to power many of them. If you don’t have real-time clinical data in the cloud, you may only be accessing a fraction of its potential. Building a FHIR store can unlock the full advantages of the cloud. It provides the technical foundation to fulfill your current needs—and all future use cases—with real-time data. 

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All major hyperscalers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have selected the FHIR format as their standard for clinical data ingestion and storage. FHIR supports the ability to query, retrieve, and dissect resources— a prerequisite for application in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services. Most electronic health records and other healthcare systems are still using legacy standards like HL7®v2, C-CDA, DICOM, or X12. This creates challenges for engineering teams who often lack the expertise, budget, or technical infrastructure to enable FHIR translation at scale. Redox’s unmatched FHIR translation capabilities can help you overcome the challenges — getting your data into a cloud FHIR store 80% faster than doing it yourself or using a system integrator.


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