Kickstart your AI strategy

Tackle any AI use case with actionable, real-time clinical data, integrated into your cloud repository.

Accelerate your AI strategy with unified, real-time healthcare data

Healthcare providers need to adopt AI fast to solve critical business challenges. But hasty individual deployments can lead to a fragmented approach wrought with data and system incompatibilities. Without a defined strategy, it’s nearly impossible to seamlessly integrate AI into existing infrastructure. Additional roadblocks can result from a lack of in-house expertise and human resources to build the data pipelines that power AI, a challenge plaguing 69% of providers.

Unifying data from EHRs, HIEs, and payer systems in the cloud is key for healthcare providers to accelerate AI adoption. Build a smart strategy for the future of AI with harmonized data powered by Redox Nova. Integrate data into any cloud repository to get started on AI projects now. Our deep partnerships and pre-built adapters with AWS, Databricks, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake make it fast and easy to hydrate your cloud environment and power any AI use case at scale.

AI use cases for providers enabled by Redox Nova

Employ AI use cases at scale with real-time healthcare data streaming into the cloud, powered by Redox Nova.

Clinical operations

Facilitate discharge planning, continuity of care, readmission prevention, and more to improve patient outcomes and experience.


Better forecast and manage patient throughput, capacity and workforce management, and more.

Patient experience

Retain and engage patients with personalized and unified digital patient experiences across the care network.

Reporting / Quality

Improve reporting and measurement of Social Determinants of Health, CMS quality measures, and more.

How it works

Redox Nova enables real-time data streaming at scale to the cloud so it can be harnessed by your AI solutions. Actionable insights can be written back from AI solutions to your EHR or any other source system.

Redox to cloud data store diagram


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