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A program to ensure that non-profits and public health teams have the necessary access to data to fully empower their initiatives.

Even heroes need help every once in a while. Redox Gives exists to support organizations that traditionally wouldn’t have the resources to purchase Redox but would benefit from our integration Platform and services. If Redox could help your organization impact more lives, we want to hear your story.

Our partners are our heroes.

The nonprofits and social enterprises working tirelessly to improve the lives of patients and providers are why we do what we do. Get to know our partners and the amazing work they are doing. Know someone we could help? Send them our way!

Smoking Cessation Services for Pregnant Mothers

The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation (WWHF) is a nonprofit organization that provides free women’s health education and support programs for women and their families throughout Wisconsin and administer funds for women’s health research initiatives.

One of WWHF’s many initiatives is “First Breath”– a free, statewide program that helps pregnant women, new moms, and their families quit smoking. The program trains healthcare staff to “Ask, Advise, and Refer” smokers to the WWHF where “Quit Coaches” provide smoking cessation counseling.

The WWHF uses Redox integration to streamline the way providers refer mothers to the program driving increased usage and eliminating unnecessary clerical work.

Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation
First Breath Program

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How Redox Works

Identify Partner

As they say, it takes two to tango. When you have a customer or partner that is interested in exchanging data you’re ready to start leveraging Redox.

Connect to Redox

Vendors connecting to the Redox Platform simply need to sign up for a developer account and authenticate with our API. Use our Developer Tools to send a few sample messages and confirm you’ll be able to work with the data when we set up a production integration with your partner(s).

Execute Integration Project

Redox is a fully-managed solution. That means our team is there every step of the way to help get your integration live and make sure it stays that way. Our team handles connecting to provider organization source systems and configuring your connection so that it is working as designed.

Get Started with Redox Gives

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Redox Gives isn’t for everyone. Make sure to confirm your eligibility before you apply. Not sure? Just apply–we’ll sort it out.

Step 2

If you think you qualify, submit an application! Our team will review your submission and get back to you in a couple days.

Step 3

We start working together as partners! We’ll identify an initial project and work together to execute the project plan.