Redox Gives Eligibility

Below are the requirements for eligibility in the Redox Gives Program.

  1. Currently, this program is only available to US-based organizations.
  2. Your Organization must be associated with non-profit or part of a Public Health Department.
    1. Non-profits. 501(c)(3) organizations qualified by the Internal Revenue Service B Corp-certified organizations with a primary purpose of charity, education, or social benefit. Social enterprises (incorporated) that are looking to directly create a positive social impact Social outcomes must be a necessary and immediate piece of your company’s product or service. Proof of status: Organizations must submit an employee identification number (EIN) during the application process and a federal IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status letter.
    2. Public Health Departments. Required association with a municipal, regional, or state public health department.
  3.  Have a clear use case for the services provided by the Redox platform.
  4. Your organization receives value from scaling your solution across many Healthcare Provider Organizations.
  5. Your organization has direct relationships and champions at Healthcare Provider Organizations.