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Cardiac RPM tech firm uses Redox to close more than 80% of its sales deals

How the Redox partnership increased sales, reduced patient registration time and decreased data errors

“Because of Redox, we win more than 80% of our sales deals. Going into conversations with health systems, we can confidently say, ‘Yes, we can integrate now,’ and that makes all the difference.”

EHR integration director
Cardiac RPM tech vendor

The challenge

A cardiac remote patient monitoring (RPM) tech vendor in the Northwest was anxious to go to market. They had developed two core products: a wearable patch designed to deliver detailed diagnostic accuracy and a clinician-friendly patient management portal.

Some digital health vendors would have stopped there and launched their offering, but the RPM tech vendor knew they needed more. Judging from early test market reactions, they needed a more robust sales strategy to secure clinician buy-in.

While attracted to the diagnostic precision of the RPM vendor’s patch, clinicians were skeptical about how efficiently they could access the data. Clinicians were already suffering from “note bloat,” spending hours on administrative tasks on top of patient appointments. The last thing they needed was to log in to a separate portal to view and consume an RPM dashboard.

To win over clinicians—and, in many cases, to successfully book a meeting with a health system—the tech vendor needed to deliver RPM data directly to the EHR. To do this, they needed integrations that would exchange data with many EHR systems.

There was just one problem: The RPM tech vendor didn’t have the internal staff to build and execute EHR integrations. And they couldn’t hire the necessary talent as quickly as they wanted. So they started evaluating vendors.

The solution

While they looked at standalone solutions like Lyniate and Mirth, they ultimately chose Redox. Their decision boiled down to two things: 1) The Redox platform was full service, and 2) it offered the easiest, plug-and-play option.

Flexible infrastructure wasn’t the only advantage to using Redox. The Redox team also helped the RPM tech vendor to deftly navigate critical pre-deployment decisions. Drawing on decades of EHR and data experience, the Redox team gave guidance to the vendor’s tech group as they identified data fields and mapped them back to the EHR.

The results

Four years into its partnership with Redox, the RPM tech vendor has integrations with three EHR vendors across more than 30 health systems.

Since working with Redox, the company has reduced patient registration time by 90%. Redox has also decreased the company’s data errors by 90% by eliminating faulty data copying into the EHR.

Perhaps the most impressive result has been the RPM tech vendor’s rapid boost in sales performance. Because of Redox, the company wins more than 80% of their sales deals. For every pitch, their sales teams can confidently say they’re equipped to integrate with the health system right away.

When asked what they like best about Redox, the RPM tech vendor says it’s the team’s ongoing commitment to their business. Because Redox understands what they do and knows their systems, they almost don’t have to think about integration at all.

API actions used:

  • Receive clinician orders for cardiac monitoring patches
  • Save discrete cardiac RPM data to the patient chart in the EHR
“Our customers are decreasing their service time while increasing their cardiac diagnostic rate. The Redox platform delivers the data to make all this possible.”

EHR integration director
Cardiac RPM tech vendor

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