Gallery night at Redox

October 28, 2015
Niko Skievaski President & Co-Founder


At Redox, our goal is no barriers to technology adoption in healthcare. Helping with EHR integration can accelerate adoption from a technical perspective, however, the distribution barrier largely remains. This is due to the highly bureaucratic and lengthy process software vendors go through in selling their products to health systems. The typical technology adoption cycle in healthcare is years of sales to make a decision, months of prioritization and implementation, weeks of training, and frequently just minutes for the end user to determine that it wasn’t worth it. This is crippling to startups, deters innovation, and often results in the best schmoozers getting to market, rather than the best technology.

One of the ways we are trying to help with this is to figure out ways to push the technology buying decision down from the monthly-committees representing every dark corner of lackluster compromise. Ideally, an end-user—the person receiving the benefit from the technology—should be as close to the buying decision as possible. She will always choose the best tool for the job by weighing marginal costs and benefits. This creates fantastic incentives for product developers to make great products that enable users to install effortlessly and begin reaping the benefits before the buying decision is made. Lower switching costs give rise to competition, lower prices, and better products. This makes for an extremely efficient technology market that will actually improve healthcare delivery and efficiency.

We recently took a small step towards this ideal with our public Gallery. When we install Redox at a health system, we install an API infrastructure that can be used by any web based application. It’s possible for that health system to light up any application they choose to work with without the need for a lengthy and costly implementation project, thus flattening the adoption and switching costs. The Redox Gallery showcases some of these innovative applications who have integrated and are ready to be tried out.

If you’re a health system, check out the Gallery to see if any of the applications listed could help your organization. You’ll be able to try out any of them in an integrated fashion much more fluidly than standalone products. Additionally, we love brainstorming ways this type of integration can help your application development teams and innovation labs.

If you’re a developer, sign up for Redox to determine if our data models will work for your applications. When you’re ready, we’ll be happy to list you in the Gallery too.