12 healthcare solutions for our favorite holiday songs

December 14, 2020

Holiday season 2020 is different this year, for obvious reasons. I’m fatigued by all the COVID comments, opinions, memoranda etc etc. So let’s poke a little fun at the Buzzfeed-brand of corny holiday countdowns! Tis the season!

1. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus meets AmWell

If you happen to wake up one day and see your mother making out with a mythical being, you might want to talk to someone about that. Enter AmWell. Their array of licensed doctors, therapists, and medical experts can help you sort through those emotions and trauma. Bonus point: you can look your mother in the eye again. 

2. This Christmas (the Donny Hathaway version, obviously) meets Clinicient

Perhaps related to the first point, but do you tend to be the family therapist? Are you the holiday peacekeeper? Managing personalities and conflicts can be…difficult. Practicing therapists know this forrrrr surrre. Clinicient takes the stress out of managing your practice. So maybe this year you get to wake up singing This Christmas instead of waiting for the first mashed potatoes to be thrown across the table. 

3. It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas meets Patient Alerting Logistics

On a bit of a serious note, the health statistics around the holiday season can be harrowing, and this is why we’re particularly glad that Patient Alerting Logistics exists. They keep track of patient medical devices to ensure that any urgent news about them can be quickly sent to clinicians and patients even years later.

4. Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer meets Healthify

Teamwork makes the dream work. Period. Whether it’s a humble crew of reindeer that need to deliver presents to the world’s Santa-believing children, or a community-centric org that needs the infrastructure to support care coordination across specified healthcare networks, Healthify can support your SDOH needs.

5. Deck the Halls meets Breg

If you’re the type to go pretty hard decking the halls (or decking anything for that matter) the good news is that you might already be familiar with Breg’s offering! Whether you need to brace your shoulder after chopping down a Christmas tree, or brace your spine after cos-playing Santa a little too well, Breg’s got your back (and your hip, and your elbow, you get the point). Anyways, be careful! 

6. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer meets Roundtrip

First of all, yikes. Y’all should’ve been watching her. But right now that’s not the point. The point is that if you were counting on that reindeer for transportation, Grandma might have yet another problem unlesssss her provider works with Roundtrip, a digital health company whose transportation marketplace connects patients with non-emergency medical transportation. If Grandma’s not doing so hot after the accident, of course call an ambulance.

7. White Christmas meets R1 

I’m just gonna come out and say that revenue cycle management is *hard.* As a healthcare org grows, its revenue cycle becomes more and more complex. Enter R1. They drive sustainable improvements to patient revenue and cash flows while reducing operating costs and enhancing the patient’s financial experience.  Anyways, make your rev cycles be merry and bright, like to ones you used to know. 

8. 12 Days of Christmas meets PointClickCare

Calling birds, leaping lords, drummers, and pipers, a true case of chaos and Christmisery. If your systems present a comparable challenge, PointClickCare offers a streamlined package to handle care, services and financial touchpoints.

9. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch meets Lirio

Do you ever catch the impulse to steal holiday presents from your neighbors for no reason at all?  Lirio is a platform that marries behavior change science with AI. Their hyper-personalized communication can serve entire patient populations across communication channels. Next time your inner grinch gets an idea (a wonderful, awful idea) consider Lirio for the healthier option.  Maybe your heart will grow 3 sizes?

10. Every Year, Every Christmas meets Bardy Diagnostics

Some people forget about the sad Christmas bops, but they’re still worth it. Holidays remind so many of us about matters of the heart, and Bardy Diagnostics has an efficient ECG monitoring solution for an ambulatory patient population. Anyways, check on your friends and family. Even the strong ones. 

11. My Favorite Things meets Invitae

Have you ever seriously asked yourself why Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels / Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles are your thing? Invitae could probably answer that for you. They make it easy to access your unique genetic information, particularly to inform your health decisions. Though not *technically* a Christmas song, we stan Dame Julie Andrews in this house.

12. Redox meets Auld Lang Syne

I’m gonna put aside the fact that this scene in Forrest Gump always puts me in my deep feels. Auld Lang Syne roughly translates to “For the sake of old times.” Its solemn take on the tension between moving on and remembering renders a depth that defies language and time. This is to say that the full context of the Old Scottish is helpful but not a necessity for understanding this song. “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne?”  The question is rhetorical but ultimately not. (Sorry, I almost forgot that this isn’t a term paper. I just really love this song.) Anyways, Redox will end this year answering this question with a clear no. We learned a lot of lessons and made acquaintance with unexpected discomforts along the way. We will neither forget any of these nor the people who made surviving them possible. 

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