Qardio and Redox partner to connect remote patient monitoring solutions to EHRs

May 24, 2021

Fast and easy deployment enables providers and patients to collaborate on critical care needs

May 24, 2021 – Qardio and Redox today announced a partnership that enables Qardio’s remote patient monitoring solution, QardioMD, to become immediately interoperable with any organization using Redox for healthcare data exchange. This partnership will facilitate remote care delivery and translate electronic health record (EHR) data into actionable insights for better clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

Healthcare is still managing a hybrid model of in-person and remote care. For this to be successful, physicians are counting on fast, accurate, and reliable integration with existing patient care systems, like EHRs, to provide a great user experience to caregivers and patients. With its rapid deployment model, Redox helps digital health companies get their solutions live and operable with healthcare organizations within two weeks, a process that typically takes 16-18 weeks.

“The remote patient monitoring space has been growing for a long time, but the pandemic really put us into hyperdrive,” explained Mark Prince, the CEO of Qardio. “Collaboration with Redox ensures that every one of our partners can seamlessly and securely connect their EHR with QardioMD. Qardio makes life simple for physicians as we scale to allow them to keep up with the heavy and complex demands of hybrid care.”

QardioMD delivers remote patient monitoring to improve clinical workflow efficiencies through comprehensive data review and a straightforward interface. Through the platform, providers can uncover all patient data through a single access point and unlock qualifying reimbursement for remote care. Further, Qardio’s award-winning, clinically-validated devices are designed with a simple user experience in mind where physicians connect with patients more efficiently through QardioMD’s comprehensive and timely presentation of patient vitals. As a result, patients demonstrate more sustained long-term engagement.

Redox standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides a single, easy-to-use API for exchanging this data with any software vendor, leading to the rapid deployment of integrated remote patient monitoring solutions. Through a single connection to Redox, healthcare organizations can take advantage of a suite of reusable interfaces that make exchanging data with authorized partners simple and secure, while also reducing the time-consuming technical work.

“Through the Qardio and Redox partnership, physicians can employ the continuous data from QardioMD to provide personalized and differentiated treatment to patients,” said Redox President Niko Skievaski. “Working with partners like Qardio lets us bring out our best in simplifying how healthcare leaders convert information into action. Providers now have space to serve their patient populations with Qardio service helping them to effectively prioritize diverse patient needs.”

About Redox

Redox accelerates the development and distribution of healthcare software solutions with a full-service integration platform to securely and efficiently exchange healthcare data. With just one connection, data can be transmitted across a growing network of 1,600+ healthcare delivery organizations and 300 independent software vendors. Members of the Redox Network exchange more than 12 million patient records per day, leveraging a single data standard compatible with more than 80 electronic health record systems. Redox exists to make healthcare data useful and every patient’s experience a little bit better.Learn how you can leverage the Redox Platform at Visit us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Qardio

Qardio is a health technology company that operates at the intersection of cardiology and remote monitoring. Qardio’s suite of solutions provide improved outcomes for care providers and their patients across a range of care modalities via improved workflows and diagnostic yields, reduced cost, and ease of use. Founded in 2012, Qardio’s primary mission is to improve outcomes for adults living with a chronic heart condition, through simplified monitoring and diagnosis. The QardioMD remote patient monitoring service is equally suited to primary care and to discrete applications in cardiology, bariatrics, diabetes, and the management of other chronic care conditions. Our award-winning solutions are available via traditional medical channels and select consumer channels, to deliver the greatest impact.  Learn more at